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Chinese-English Translation:


Suitable for Baoma’s work, we need to work at home and have unlimited working hours, so Internet related jobs are very suitable for Baoma to make money, such as we media, short video, network writer, live delivery, and remote work with their own skills.


Nowadays, many women are idle at home because they have children. In many cases, they also feel bored. In some ordinary families, if only the father of the child goes out to make money, the family will face a heavier burden. However, it seems impossible for these moms to go out to work full-time. After all, children need to be taken care of. So what kind of jobs are suitable for moms?


1. Mobile part time

在家带孩子的宝妈千万不能错过现在流行的网络兼职,其中手机试玩是最方便的,如果妈妈们有苹果手机那就更好了,按照教程,注册,然后去 app store 下载软件,试玩两分钟,就有钱赚,每天带孩子的同时,赚几十元真的不在话下。点击下面链接开始吧,有教程:

Baoma, who takes care of her children at home, must not miss the popular part-time job on the Internet. It’s most convenient for her to play on her mobile phone. If she has an Apple phone, it would be better. Follow the tutorial, register, and then go to the app store to download the software. After playing for two minutes, she can make money. It’s really no problem to earn dozens of yuan while taking care of her children every day. Click the link below to start. There are tutorials:


2. Selling goods online


Many people think that selling goods on the Internet is a complicated thing, and they need to have their own online shop, but in fact, they can also use the software of salted fish to realize their wealth appreciation. This software doesn’t have to sell the second-hand things it uses. It can also go to some colleges and universities to collect the second-hand information of graduates, and then take it to the Internet for sale. This is a better choice.


3. Part time job in the Buyer show

这一兼职操作起来比较简单,只需要拍出类似于淘宝买家秀的照片即可。给宝宝拍完照之后上传到网上,根据任务的难易程度会有着相应的报酬,大多都在 10 元到 40 元。虽然不是每天都可以有这样的兼职,但是每一个月下来也能够有几百元的收入,贴补菜钱还是可以做到的。

This part-time operation is relatively simple, just take a picture similar to Taobao Buyer show. After taking a picture for the baby, upload it to the Internet. According to the difficulty of the task, there will be a corresponding reward, mostly between 10 yuan and 40 yuan. Although not every day can have such a part-time job, but every month down can also have hundreds of yuan of income, subsidies can still be done.


4. Design part time on the Internet

如果你有着足够多的想法,可以在网上出售自己的创意,学会 ps 便能够在网上接活,给人修照片亦或者是给某些淘宝店家作图都是不错的选择,这一领域的报酬还是比较高的。

If you have enough ideas, you can sell your ideas on the Internet, learn PS, and you can pick up work on the Internet, repair photos for others, or draw pictures for some Taobao stores. The rewards in this field are relatively high.


5. Do translation on the Internet


As long as you learn a foreign language well, you will be able to find the job of translation. The most common is English translation. Many American dramas are recruited for translation on the Internet, and the salary is also very high, mostly in the hundreds of yuan per hour.


6. Making money by making small videos


Nowadays, there are many we media platforms. If the video produced by ourselves can have a good traffic, it is a good way to make money. After uploading to the Internet, the higher the click through rate is, the more money will be made, and the operation difficulty in this field is not high.


7. Change homework online


Nowadays, the Internet is becoming more and more developed, and many parents are used to putting their children’s homework on the Internet for others to correct. Although the unit price is relatively low, but the accumulated words is not a small income, can be competent in this field of Baoma might as well try.


8. Taobao evening customer service


In general, Baoma will be more busy during the day, and the work of customer service at night will fit Baoma’s daily habits better. But in looking for this type of work, we must pay attention to some formal channels, otherwise it is easy to be cheated.


9. Part time network writer


The realization of words is very common nowadays. As long as you have a certain level of writing, you can contribute on the Internet. If your manuscript is adopted, it is also a lot of income and can subsidize the family expenses.


What are the reliable platforms for knowledge payment?

喜马拉雅 FM:以音频为媒介的付费知识平台(入驻平台的形式)

Himalayan FM: a paid knowledge platform based on audio


Get: paid audio knowledge platform (in the form of platform)

知乎 live:超级会员制的音频付费平台(入驻平台的形式)

Zhihu live: Super membership audio payment platform


Tencent Classroom: online education platform


Netease cloud Classroom: Online vocational skills learning platform


Douban time: paid column in the form of audio and text

蜻蜓 fm:网络在线音频媒体平台(音频入驻平台的形式)

Dragonfly FM: online audio media platform


In the line and sub answer: in the line and sub answer are the paid appointment celebrities and paid voice Q & A (in the form of Expert Q & a platform) launched by guoke.com

互联网课:新兴知识付费形式,结合 PC+小程序+公众号+APP 四端结合,不仅有各大平台的分销功能也可以代理加盟做自己的 OEM 站长系统(音视频形式入驻)

Paying for knowledge online, combining PC+ Mini program + official account +APP four terminal, not only has the distribution function of the major platforms, but also can join the agent to do its own OEM webmaster system (audio and video form).


Taobao Education: Taobao directly searches “Taobao education” to enter the hinge of excellent courses, and the curriculum system covers all industries. (in the form of audio and video)

目前市面上是有很多知识付费平台的,如果你想进行知识付费,贩卖自己的知识,那么可以考虑在知乎 live 上面去进行,首先知乎是一个很知名的网站,他拥有超高的流量,而且因为知名,其信誉度也很高,大家都对它抱有一个信任的态度,就好像你信任百度一样,有事,有疑惑都会直接去百度。

At present, there are many knowledge payment platforms on the market. If you want to pay for knowledge and sell your knowledge, you can consider Zhihu live First of all, Zhihu is a well-known website. It has super high traffic, and because it is well-known, its credibility is also very high. Everyone has a trust attitude towards it, just like you trust Baidu. If you have any doubts, you will go to Baidu directly.


Zhihu also has such credibility. Zhihu, a knowledge payment platform, has always been regarded as a gathering place of gods. There are many experts and professors in various fields, so it is reliable for you to pay for knowledge on it. Of course, as I said earlier, knowledge payment is not limited to this form. There is another knowledge payment platform that has done quite well, that is, Himalaya. Its form is different from Zhihu, that is, knowledge pays for business model profit in the form of audio, one is text, the other is audio, but it is also a knowledge payment platform.


How to make money as a sideline?


The first mode of making money is to be a distributor of major platforms and get a commission. When you share the courses of each platform with your friends and they place an order to watch the courses, you can get a certain percentage of the Commission. The proportion of sharing is different, and the proportion of each platform is different. It is recommended to choose according to your own needs.

第二种赚钱模式就是选择可以加盟做 OEM 站长的平台,比如上面所述的互联网课平台,是可以做 OEM 站长加盟的,这种就是工作量大,但是平台所有收益全是自己的,新手最好选择带课程自动更新的,自己的工作只需要每天做引流推广增加平台客源即可。

The second mode of making money is to choose a platform that can join in as OEM webmaster. For example, the Internet course platform mentioned above can join in as OEM webmaster. This is a heavy workload, but all the benefits of the platform are their own. Novices had better choose to update the course automatically, and their work only needs to do drainage promotion every day to increase the platform’s customers.


be careful


If you want to do the first kind, you should choose the industry courses you like or know, so as to find high-quality and useful courses. Otherwise, if you share them, no one will see them, and no one will buy them, there will be no profit.


If it’s the second one, we must insist on it. There must be no customers in the early stage, and we need long-term accumulation to achieve transformation. For those who can’t drain, we must learn how to drain and how to do transformation, and gradually increase the influence of our own platform, so as to get a share in the big cake of knowledge payment.

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