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Chinese-English Translation:


According to their ability, Baoma can do some work related to we media, contribute articles or build their own small platform. Their working hours and content are more flexible. Baoma with different industry certificates can also earn part of their income through online teaching to subsidize their families.


Suitable for Baoma’s work needs, work place at home, and working hours are not limited, because to take care of the baby, Baoma’s part-time work must be well screened. Having one’s own income, the important thing is not to delay taking care of children. It’s really the best of both worlds. So what part-time jobs are suitable for Baoma?


1、 Telework


Remote work without limitation of working place and working hours just meets the needs of Baoma.


Copywriter / Editor

现如今,对于文案的需求一直都挺多的。例如,企业的新媒体编辑岗位,淘宝、京东等电商平台的产品推荐文案,公众号、微博、APP 的软文推广文案等。

Nowadays, there is always a great demand for copywriting. For example, the New Media Editor post of enterprises, Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform products, such as copywriters, official account, micro-blog, APP’s soft language promotion copywriter, etc.


Some are large in quantity and low in price, while others are demanding high in price. Specific choices can be made according to your own preferences and writing skills.


Taobao / Jingdong and other customer services


There are many kinds of customer service, including telephone communication and text communication.


From the workplace, in order to avoid children disturbing the work, Baoma is more suitable to communicate with words.


Art / design

图片处理最常用的工具是 PS。而对于 PS 的熟练程度,不同岗位也有不同要求。

The most commonly used tool for image processing is PS. And for PS proficiency, different positions also have different requirements.


The simplest is “matting”. After being proficient in matting, the unit price may not be high, but the amount is large, so the remuneration is not low.


Of course, if you are a more professional designer, you will have more choices and higher income.




There are many ways of network promotion. From a simple information collection specialist to a marketing manager, there are many. If you don’t have contact with Baoma, you can also try.


2、 We media


Now is the era of we media for everyone, and the threshold is not high. Just write articles on various platforms and share your experience. Even if you can’t write articles, it doesn’t matter. Find more high-quality articles, and then flip them together. The higher the amount of reading, the higher the income. Of course, it’s not a simple thing to write a popular article. It requires constant practice and exploration, as well as constant intake of new knowledge.


Video clip


Short video is one of the most popular work fields nowadays. Of course, if you are doing video editing, you need a little basic work to do this sideline. If your own work is related to video editing, you can use some spare time to take on the private work of the platform, which can not only make money, but also improve your video editing ability and work for the future Lay the foundation.


Taobao customer

根据淘宝联盟官方发布的淘客佣金数据显示,在 2019 年的时候,淘客佣金已经达到了千亿,这就可以说明淘客这个行业有着很大的发展空间与发展潜力。淘宝客的获利模式有一种,一种是把产品分享给有需要的人,当对方下单购买了你的产品就能获得相应佣金了。还有一种是二级分销,当你的代理成功推广出去产品,你也可以获得一定的分佣提成。

According to the official Taobao Commission data released by Taobao alliance, in 2019, the Commission of Taobao has reached 100 billion, which shows that the industry has great development space and potential. Taobao customer profit model has one, one is to share the product to people in need, when the other party orders to buy your product can get the corresponding Commission. There is also a secondary distribution, when your agent successfully promote products, you can also get a certain commission.


3、 Others


Such as programming, translation, etc. These jobs have certain requirements for the foundation of Baoma. But at the same time, the income is high. Compared with other part-time jobs, telecommuting has many advantages for returning to the workplace in the future. If the cooperation is happy, Baoma can also try to go to the remote work of the enterprise interview. This reduces Baoma’s waiting time.


When choosing manual part-time jobs, Baoma should pay attention to the materials and tools used in the process of part-time jobs. Try not to touch baby parts or needles.


If you have money, you can open a shop. It can reach people and increase income. If the profit is good, it can be regarded as a lifelong career.


Online shop


The advantage of online shop is high cost. But the disadvantage is that without flow and exposure, it is difficult to get ahead. In recent years, the cost of opening an online store is getting higher and higher. Among them, the cost of online store publicity occupies a large part. But for those who don’t have the experience of opening a shop, it will be more cost-effective to run an online shop and practice hands on the premise that there is no mine at home. Baoma can take care of her children and run a shop at the same time.


physical store


The advantage of physical stores is that they bring their own traffic. Near the physical store is the main consumer group of the store. The initial cost investment of physical stores is large, and the rent, water and electricity charges vary greatly according to the city. Big city, large flow of people, high cost. Small city, small flow of people, low cost.

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