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Chinese-English Translation:


Baoma’s sidelines should be simple and convenient. They can make use of the current network environment to do social e-commerce, short video shooting and editing, mother and child bloggers, wechat, we media, anchor, etc., which are very suitable for Baoma.


In order to raise her children, Baoma has taken on a lot of pressure that people can’t imagine. Now many Baoma want to do some side work to subsidize their family besides taking care of their children. So what side work is suitable for Baoma to do now?


You can do social e-commerce, not to earn much money, just to give your baby more time to accompany. You can do social e-commerce, Taobao, Jingdong, pinduoduo, vipshop, Netease, koala, hungry, taopiao, all e-commerce coupons + rebate, you can save money when you shop, and you can get rebate. Now is the era of e-commerce, social e-commerce is also the future development trend, and physical stores need it Drainage, e-commerce needs drainage, so does social e-commerce. As long as there is traffic, you can make money.


Social E-commerce


We are not unfamiliar with this. There are many brands in the market, but we can’t be in a hurry. If we insist on developing wechat community every day and have a good master with us, it’s good to earn a living every month. For example, the income of many people below is very good.


Mother and baby Blogger

如果宝妈热爱分享自己的带娃经历,可以在一些自媒体平台大胆地分享出来。比如今日头条的音频、短视频、微头条、图文等等,当我们粉丝达到 1000 以后申请原创和领域创作者,收益也会更加的水涨船高。在这里还是多说一句:任何项目都不能迅速获得收益,我们还是要做好打持久战的准备,不要轻易途中放弃,这个很重要!

If Baoma loves to share her experience with her baby, she can boldly share it on some we media platforms. For example, the audio, short video, micro headlines, graphics and so on of today’s headlines, when our fans reach 1000, we will apply for originality and field creators, and the revenue will also rise even more. Here’s one more thing to say: no project can gain profits quickly. We still need to be prepared for a protracted war. Don’t give up easily on the way. This is very important!


Learn short video editing skills and edit videos for others

现在的短视频领域非常火爆,而有的老板,他自己是需要这方面的专业人才的,比如我身边就有一个人一个视频 20 块钱去卖给需要的客户,副业也做得有声有色。当然了如果你自己学会了剪辑短视频,你自己去打造个人的短视频平台,也非常不错,粉丝高了还能接广告。如果粉丝不是很多,同样也能结交不少的天南地北的朋友们!

Now the field of short video is very popular, and some bosses need professional talents in this field. For example, there is a person around me who sells a video for 20 yuan to the customers in need, and the sideline business is also impressive. Of course, if you learn how to edit short videos, you can build your own short video platform. It’s also very good. If you have high fans, you can receive advertisements. If you don’t have many fans, you can also make many friends from all over the world!


Consultants in various fields


Generally speaking, this is an expert in a small field. We must not underestimate ourselves. You may have a lot of shining points on yourself, but you don’t find them. For example, there are many Baoma, who may have taken two degrees in college before. For example, many people are under great pressure now, and they may have psychological problems to consult. Then you have a big role! And there are many similar consultants, such as financial intelligence, early childhood education and so on.


Virtual project sales

这个可能很多人不太理解。这种项目就是自己整理一些资料,然后卖给有需要的人。比如我们有精美的 PPT 模板,而刚好有人需要,那么我们就可以有偿去卖给他。做好 PPT 对于每个职场的人来说,都是非常关键的。而中国人那么多,所以你不要片面地觉得这没有市场。其实淘宝、闲鱼、公众号上面有很多人操作这样的项目,月入上万的也不是没有。

Many people may not understand this. This kind of project is to sort out some information and sell it to people in need. For example, if we have a beautiful ppt template and someone needs it, we can sell it to him for a fee. Good ppt for everyone in the workplace, is very critical. There are so many Chinese people, so you should not think that there is no market. In fact, there are many people on Taobao, leisure fish and official account.




What’s a good part-time job for Baoma at home? Translation is a very reliable part-time job, but the threshold is high, need a high level of foreign language. But if you can translate, you will get a lot of money for part-time work.


We media contribution


We have a lot of media, including microblogs and today’s headlines. You can also make your own number and wait for the revenue. However, this is a relatively long process, because there are too many we media now, so the platform turns positive very slowly.


Reading news

宝妈在家做什么兼职好?阅读新闻榜姐以前也做过类似的,每天为最新的新闻评论 20 条,然后一个月后有多少的收入。而这个阅读新闻就是每天浏览新闻,每篇可能几毛钱,就是得长期做下去。

What’s a good part-time job for Baoma at home? Reading news list sister has done the same thing before, 20 comments for the latest news every day, and then how much income she will have in a month. And this reading news is to browse the news every day. Each article may cost a few cents, but it has to be done for a long time.


Professional anti counterfeiting


This is an emerging industry. Compared with many non-standard businesses in tmall Taobao Jingdong, the professional anti-counterfeiting is to crack down on illegal and three no products, and let businesses compensate according to the legal law.


Buying and selling video members


What’s a good part-time job for Baoma at home? You know, many people need members to watch videos, but they don’t want to pay for one month’s membership. So now there are a lot of buying and selling video members. How much is a member per day. And an account number can buy and sell many times. If you hoard more member accounts, you can earn dozens of yuan a day.


Forward article

文章转发到朋友圈,微信群让别人阅读。一个 IP 算一个阅读量。一次阅读 0.1 元。满 10 元就可以提现。有 100 个好友,10 元很轻松。

The article is forwarded to the circle of friends and wechat group for others to read. One IP counts as one reading volume. 1 yuan per reading. You can withdraw cash at 10 yuan. With 100 friends, 10 yuan is easy.


Wechat voting

下载一个微信投票的 APP,一单任务虽然最低的只有 0.08 元,高的 0.25 元,别看钱少,但是量大的话一天也是能赚不少的呢。

Download a wechat voting app, although the lowest task is only 0.08 yuan, and the high one is 0.25 yuan. Although the money is small, it can earn a lot in a day if the amount is large.


wechat Business


Now, wechat is the choice of many Baoma. After all, it is more reliable. However, we should know more people, have more friends, and have reliable products. Only in this way can we have profits.


Purchasing agent


If you want to be a purchasing agent, you’d better have someone you know. It’s more convenient in foreign countries. But now the purchasing agent is also controlled by the state.




Baoma, who has the desire to perform, can be an anchor. Now there are many live broadcasting platforms, which can perform talents and live daily life. That is to say, we have to think about the direction of live broadcasting.


A brief summary

当然,如果说宝妈比较有文笔,也特别喜欢分享自己的孕期、育儿经验等,或者是怀孕之前的工作经验等,可以用参加一些达人的招募,打造自己的个人形象,靠内容来培养自己的人设,之后就走内容电商这种的兼职。自己 0 基础开始做的话会比较累,要做兼职形式的话可以看有没有一些机构需要招写手,可以做这类写作的兼职。

Of course, if Baoma has a good writing style, and especially likes to share her pregnancy and parenting experience, or her work experience before pregnancy, you can take part-time jobs such as content e-commerce by recruiting some talents to create your own personal image, relying on content to cultivate your personal design. If you start to do it on the basis of 0, you will be tired. If you want to do a part-time job, you can see if there are some organizations that need to recruit writers to do this kind of writing part-time.


In addition, part-time jobs can be used to distribute products. Now many retail software are promoting this distribution mode. You don’t need to stock yourself, you just need to pay to become a shopkeeper, and then you can get a discount when you buy things yourself. Others can get profits when they buy through your store, and there are more rewards for developing offline. This kind of model is also more suitable for mothers who take their children at home. In my opinion, the form of wechat business may be more advanced.


Other part-time jobs depend on personal interests, reading software, answering software, etc. there will be some rewards, not much. But Baoma must be cautious. Not all part-time jobs are formal. It’s better to have a look and ask if the part-time job you want to do is reliable. You have to pay in advance to make a big profit, and you have to consider the situation.


Baoma should guard against being cheated in her part-time job


Some netizens summed up this way, she said that as long as the part-time job is to make money, most of them are deceptive. To do a part-time job, the first thing to consider is safety and security. If you think about it carefully, it’s true. When choosing part-time jobs, Baoma must shine their eyes. Don’t be cheated by bad people instead of trying to make money to subsidize the family. If so, it’s not worth the loss.

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