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Chinese-English Translation:

Retroshare是基于GNU Privacy Guard构建的朋友对朋友网络的免费开源对等通信和文件共享应用程序。可选地,对等方可以向其朋友发送证书和IP地址,也可以向其朋友发送证书和IP地址。

Retroshare is a free open source peer-to-peer communication and file sharing application based on GNU privacy guard. Alternatively, a peer can send a certificate and IP address to its friends, or a certificate and IP address to its friends.

Retroshare 是基于 GNU Privacy Guard 构建的朋友对朋友网络的免费开源对等通信和文件共享应用程序。可选地,对等方可以向其朋友发送证书和 IP 地址,也可以向其朋友发送证书和 IP 地址。

Retroshare is a free open source peer-to-peer communication and file sharing application based on GNU privacy guard. Alternatively, a peer can send a certificate and IP address to its friends, or a certificate and IP address to its friends.

Retroshare 是一个即时消息传递和文件共享网络,它使用分布式哈希表进行地址发现。用户可以通过共同的朋友进行间接交流,并请求直接连接。

Retroshare is an instant messaging and file sharing network that uses distributed hashes for address discovery. Users can communicate indirectly through common friends and request direct connection.




Authentication and connection

初始安装后,用户将使用 Retroshare 生成一对(GPG)加密密钥。进行身份验证并交换非对称密钥后,将使用 OpenSSL 建立连接并进行端到端加密。默认情况下,“朋友之友”无法连接,但如果用户允许,他们可以彼此看到对方。IPv6 支持已合并[11]到 master 分支中,并将在下一版本中发布。

After initial installation, users will use retroshare to generate a pair of (GPG) encryption keys. After authentication and exchange of asymmetric keys, OpenSSL is used to establish the connection and end-to-end encryption. Friends of friends can’t connect by default, but if users allow them, they can see each other. IPv6 support has been merged into the master branch and will be released in the next release.


File sharing

可以在朋友之间共享文件夹。文件传输是使用多跳群集系统进行的(受 Turtle F2F 项目的“ Turtle Hopping”功能启发,但实现方式不同)。从本质上讲,数据仅在朋友之间交换,尽管给定传输的最终源和目的地可能是多个朋友分开的。执行匿名多跳搜索的搜索功能是在网络中查找文件的另一个来源。

You can share folders among friends. File transfer is performed using a multi hop cluster system (inspired by the “turtle hopping” function of the turtle F2F project, but implemented in different ways). Essentially, data is only exchanged between friends, although the final source and destination of a given transmission may be separated by multiple friends. The search function of performing anonymous multi hop search is another source of finding files in the network.

文件由其 SHA-1 哈希值表示,并且 HTTP 兼容文件和链接可以导出,复制并粘贴到 Retroshare 中/从 Retroshare 中粘贴,以将其虚拟位置发布到 Retroshare 网络中。

The file is represented by its SHA-1 hash value, and HTTP compatible files and links can be exported, copied and pasted into / from Retro share to publish its virtual location to the retro share network.



Retroshare 提供的通信服务包括:

The communication services provided by retroshare include:


Private chat


Private mail system allows secure communication between known and distant friends


Public and private multi-user chat rooms


A forum system that allows anonymous and authenticated forums to distribute posts from friends to friends

频道系统提供了将在给定频道中发布的文件自动下载到每个订阅对等方的可能性,类似于 RSS feed

The channel system provides the possibility of automatically downloading files published in a given channel to each subscriber peer, similar to an RSS feed


A published linking system in which links to important information can be shared

VoIP 通话

VoIP call

视讯通话(自 0.6.0 版起)

Video call (from version 0.6.0)

Tor 和 I2P 网络支持进一步匿名(自 0.6.0 版开始)。

Tor and i2p networks support further anonymity (since version 0.6.0).


user interface

Retroshare 软件的核心基于离线库,其中插入了两个可执行文件:

The core of retroshare software is based on offline library, in which two executable files are inserted


An executable file with a command-line interface that quotes almost no control, but to run on the “headless” it is useful on the server

Qt 编写的图形用户界面是大多数用户使用的界面。除了其他文件共享软件所共有的功能(例如搜索选项卡和传输可视化)之外,Retroshare 还使用户能够通过收集有关相邻朋友的可选信息并将其可视化为信任矩阵或动态网络来管理其网络。图形。可以通过选择几种可用的样式表之一来更改外观。

QT written graphical user interface is the interface used by most users. In addition to features common to other file sharing software, such as search tabs and transport visualization, retro share enables users to manage their network by collecting optional information about their neighbors and visualizing it as a trust matrix or dynamic network. graphical. You can change the appearance by selecting one of several available style sheets.



Retroshare 网络的“ 朋友到朋友”结构使其难以侵入,并且几乎不可能从外部角度进行监视。[ 引证需要 ]匿名的程度可以通过停用进一步提高 DHT 和 IP / 证书交换服务,使得 Retroshare 网络真正暗网。[12]

The “friend to friend” structure of retroshare network makes it hard to invade, and it is almost impossible to monitor from an external point of view. [citation requirement] the degree of anonymity can be further improved by deactivation of DHT and IP / certificate exchange services, making retroshare network truly dark. [12]


Friends of friends may not be able to contact each other directly; however, users can enable anonymous file sharing with friends of their friends. These files are searched, accessed, uploaded and downloaded through a series of “routes” of friends. This means that communication between the data source (the uploader) and the data destination (the downloader) is done indirectly through mutual friends. Although intermediary friends cannot determine the original source or final destination, they can see their next link in the chain (their friends). Because the data stream is encrypted, only the original source and final destination can see what data is being transferred.


matters needing attention

重要的是要记住,尽管 Retroshare 的加密使 ISP 或其他外部观察者几乎无法知道正在下载或上传的内容,但此限制并不适用于用户的 Retroshare 信任圈的成员。向其中添加不受信任的人可能有潜在的风险。[13]

It is important to remember that although retroshare’s encryption makes it almost impossible for ISPs or other external observers to know what is being downloaded or uploaded, this restriction does not apply to members of the user’s Retro share trust circle. Adding untrusted people to it can be potentially risky. [13]

2012 年,德国法院对 Retroshare 用户共享受版权保护的音乐文件发出了禁制令。Retroshare 的安全性源于所有转移都应通过用户添加的“受信任的朋友”这一事实。在这种情况下,被告将反盗版监视公司添加为朋友,这可以通过汇总不良 Opsec 来跟踪他。

In 2012, a German Court banned users from sharing copyrighted music files. Retroshare’s security stems from the fact that all transfers should be made through “trusted friends” added by users. In this case, the defendant added the anti piracy surveillance company as a friend, which could track him by aggregating the bad OPS EC.

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