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Chinese-English Translation:

Tails是一个侧重安全,基于Debian专注于个人隐私和匿名性,并将非匿名通信进行封锁的操作系统。外部通信均强制通过Tor进行, 使用Live DVD或者Live USB进行引导,且不让计算机在非显式行为下留下数据痕迹。 Tails 是一个侧重安全,基于 Debian 专注于个人隐私和匿名性,并将非匿名通信进行封锁的操作系统。 这个系统所有的外部通信均强制通过 Tor 进行传送, 此系统设计为使用 Live DVD 或者 Live USB 进行引导,且不让计算机在非显式行为下留下数据痕迹。另外,Tor Project 对于此项开发提供经济支持。

Tails is an operating system which focuses on security, focuses on personal privacy and anonymity based on Debian, and blocks non anonymous communication. External communication is mandatory through tor, using live DVD or live USB to boot, and does not let the computer leave data traces in the non explicit behavior. Tails is an operating system which focuses on security, focuses on personal privacy and anonymity based on Debian, and blocks non anonymous communication. The system is designed to boot using live DVD or live USB, and does not allow the computer to leave data traces without explicit behavior. In addition, tor project provides financial support for this development.

Tails 最早发布于 2009 年 6 月 23 日。其被作为 Incognito(一个基于 Gentoo 的 Linux 发行版)的迭代开发品。Tor 则开始对开发提供经济支持。除此之外,Tails 也受到了 Debian,Mozilla 和 Freedom of the Press Foundation 的资金支持。

Tails was first released on June 23, 2009. It is used as an iterative development product for incognito, a Gentoo based Linux distribution. Tor began to provide financial support for development. In addition, tails is funded by Debian, Mozilla and freedom of the press foundation.

劳拉·珀特阿斯,格伦·格林沃尔德和巴顿·杰尔曼指出在他们和美国国家安全局告密者爱德华·斯诺登的合作工作之中,Tails 是个很重要的工具。

Laura pertas, Glenn Greenwald and Barton Germain point out that tails is an important tool in their work with national security agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

2014 年 7 月 3 日,德国公共电视频道第一频道报导指出 NSA 的 XKeyscore 系统的监控目标包含使用 Tails 搜索或使用 Tails 站点的用户。XKeyscore 的一个源代码注释将 Tails 标注为“一个被极端主义者和极端主义论坛拥护的通信安全机制”。

On July 3, 2014, channel 1 of the German public television channel reported that the monitoring target of NSA’s xkeyscore system includes users who use tails to search or use tails sites. A source code comment on xkeyscore labeled tails as “a communication security mechanism supported by extremists and extremist forums.”.

2014 年 12 月 28 日,明镜周刊发布了一个 2012 年 6 月在 NSA 内部放映的幻灯片,其中 NSA 认为 Tails 本身对于他们的任务是一个“主要威胁”,而对于一连串的其他隐私工具例如 Off-the-Record Messaging、Cspace、RedPhone 以及 TrueCrypt 都被列为是“灾难性的”,使得他们“近乎完全丧失/丢失目标通信及存在的信号……的”。

On December 28, 2014, Spiegel released a slide show that was shown inside NSA in June 2012, in which NSA considered tails itself a “major threat” to their mission, while for a series of other privacy tools such as off the record messaging, cspace, redphone and TrueCrypt They are classified as “catastrophic,” causing them to “nearly completely lose / lose target communications and presence signals Of “of”.


Built in software


GNOME desktop


network connections

Tor 包括: Stream isolation,regular,obfs2,obfs3,obfs4 和 ScrambleSuit bridges support,Vidalia 图形前端

Tor includes: stream isolation, regular, obfs2, obfs3, obfs4 and scramble suit bridges support, Vidalia graphic front end

NetworkManager 用来进行简单的网络配置

Network manager is used for simple network configuration

Tor Browser 是一个基于火狐进行改造以保护匿名性的 Web 浏览器,其含有的 Torbutton 用来保持匿名和对抗 JavaScript,默认使所有的 cookies 被欺骗为临时 cookies;HTTPS Everywhere 用来启用针对于大部分网站的 Transport Layer Security,并通过 NoScript 来限制 JavaScript,uBlock Origin 用来移除广告

Tor browser is a web browser modified based on Firefox to protect anonymity. The torbutton contained in it is used to maintain anonymity and resist JavaScript. By default, all cookies are spoofed as temporary cookies. HTTPS everywhere is used to enable transport layer security for most websites, and restrict JavaScript, ublock origin through noscript Used to remove ads

Pidgin 使用 OTR 协议进行端对端加密即时通讯

Pidgin uses OTR protocol for end-to-end encrypted instant messaging

Claws Mail 带有 GnuPG 支持的电子邮件客户端

Jaws mail with gnupg support email client

Icedove (Thunderbird) 带有基于 OpenPGP 支持的 Enigmail 的电子邮件客户端

Icedove (Thunderbird) email client with enigmail based on OpenPGP support

Liferea 聚合器

Liferea aggregator

Gobby 用来进行文本协同写作

Gobby is used for collaborative text writing

Aircrack-NG 用来对 Wi-Fi 网络进行信息安全审计

Airtrack ng is used for information security audit of Wi Fi network

I2P 匿名网络

I2p anonymous network

Electrum 易于使用的 bitcoin 客户端

Electrum’s easy to use bitcoin client


Encryption and privacy

LUKS 和 GNOME Disks 用来安装和使用加密存储设备,比如闪存盘等

Luks and gnome disks are used to install and use encrypted storage devices such as flash disks

GnuPG 用来对电子邮电和数据进行加密和签名的 OpenPGP 的 GNU 分发版

Gnupg is a GNU distribution of OpenPGP used to encrypt and sign electronic posts and data

Monkeysign 用来对 OpenPGP 密钥进行签名和交换

Monkeysign is used to sign and exchange OpenPGP keys

PWGen 一个强随机密码产生器

Pwgen: a strong random cipher generator

Shamir’s Secret Sharing 使用 gfshare 和 ssss

Shamir’s secret sharing uses gfshare and SSSS

Florence 虚拟键盘 用来针对键盘监听的一种对策

A countermeasure of Florence virtual keyboard for keyboard monitoring

MAT 用来匿名化文件的元数据

Mat is used to anonymize the metadata of a file

KeePassX 密码管理器

Keepassx password manager

GtkHash 用来计算校验和

Gtkhash is used to calculate the checksums

Keyringer 用来通过 Git 进行秘密共享加密的命令行工具

Keyringer’s command line tool for secret sharing encryption via Git

Paperkey 用来将 OpenPGP 的安全密钥记录在纸上的命令行工具

Paperkey is a command line tool used to record OpenPGP security keys on paper

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