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Chinese-English Translation:


Iread is a popular and most experienced reader, e-book making tool and reading platform. Support XP / win7 / win8, Android system, TXT, PDF, ePub, IB3 and other file formats.

iRead 是一款流行和最具阅读体验的阅读器、电子书制作工具和读书平台。iRead 是一款在国内同类软件中排名靠前的,极具用户体验的电子书制作、阅读软件。支持 xp/win7/win8,以及安卓系统,支持 txt、pdf、epub、ib3 等多种文件格式。

Iread is a popular and most experienced reader, e-book making tool and reading platform. Iread is a kind of e-book making and reading software which ranks the top in the domestic similar software and has great user experience. Support XP / win7 / win8, Android system, TXT, PDF, ePub, IB3 and other file formats.

iRead 软件主要包含 iRead、iAuthor、iroom 三个系列套件,PC 版本已获得超过 500 万次下载,在国内同类型软件中名列前茅。

Iread software mainly includes Iread, iauthor and iroom. The PC version has been downloaded more than 5 million times, ranking among the top of the same type of software in China.

iRead 支持模拟真书翻页,使用 iRead,它的完美翻页阅读、书页效果、灯光模式、书签、便条、批注以及听书、做书、评书、书房等多重元素会带给你无与伦比的真书感受和超越纸质书的独特美妙体验。

Iread supports simulated real book turning. With Iread, its perfect flipping reading, page effect, lighting mode, bookmark, note, annotation, listening, writing, commenting, study and other elements will give you an unparalleled real book experience and a unique wonderful experience beyond paper books.

如果你想从阅读中获得灵感、品味和真书的品质而非枯燥乏味,iRead 是你最佳的选择;如果你想制作自己的精美电子书而非俗类的电子垃圾,iRead 是你最棒的利器;如果你想动手写自己的作品并立即成书,iRead 是你最好的伴侣;在用户们的鼎立支持和我们的不懈努力下,iRead 日臻完美。

If you want to get inspiration, taste and the quality of the real book from reading, rather than boring, Iread is your best choice; if you want to make your own beautiful e-book instead of vulgar e-waste, Iread is your best tool; if you want to write your own works and immediately become a book, Iread is your best choice Iread is your best partner; with the support of users and our unremitting efforts, Iread is becoming more and more perfect.

完全模拟真书,多样化的封面、封底、封套、内封,逼真的翻页效果,各式各样精美的书签,数十套不同材质的纸张,强大而又丰富的批注功能,真人朗读效果,让你的阅读变得更加的随心所欲,无论是 web 在线阅读,还是本机看书,都具备相同的完美真书呈现和舒适阅读体验。

Full simulation of the real book, a variety of cover, back cover, envelope, inner cover, realistic page turning effect, a variety of exquisite bookmarks, dozens of sets of different materials of paper, powerful and rich annotation function, human reading effect, so that your reading becomes more arbitrary, whether it is the web Both online reading and native reading have the same perfect real book presentation and comfortable reading experience.

iRead 的 PC 版本在同类型产品中排名前列,并且广受好评,在无任何推广的情况下便获得了超过五百万次的下载。它拥有十分强大的功能,从电子书籍的制作到阅读都做的几近完美,特色的模拟真书翻页效果自然而卓越,支持书签、批注和便签,使阅读电子书变得像阅读真书一般方便快捷。支持主流格式 txt、PDF 以及 Epub 的导入转化。

Iread’s PC version ranks at the forefront of the same type of products and is well received. Without any promotion, it has been downloaded more than five million times. It has a very powerful function, from the production of e-books to reading almost perfect, the feature of the simulation of real book turning effect is natural and excellent, support bookmarks, annotations and notes, so that reading e-books becomes as convenient as reading real books. Support the import and transformation of mainstream formats such as TXT, PDF and ePub.


Software features


1. Characteristic study: entity bookshelf type display, bookshelf books can be randomly arranged, a variety of bookshelf styles for you to choose.


2. Simulated real book turning: the first-class page turning effect brings you the reading experience like the real book.


3. Diversified styles: a variety of front cover, back cover, envelope, inner cover, various exquisite bookmarks, hundreds of different materials of paper, powerful and rich annotation function, you can’t stop.

4、简单成书:只需要简单的几步,就可以将普通的 txt 文档变成一本装帧精美的电子书,操作简单,方便快捷。

4. Simple into a Book: only a few simple steps, you can turn the ordinary TXT document into a beautifully bound e-book, easy to operate, convenient and fast.


Exquisite interface


The interface is exquisite and comfortable. It has a variety of bookshelf styles and reading paper styles. The mode switching between day and night, brightness adjustment, text font and text size can be freely selected, which can give you the most comfortable reading experience at any time.


Synchronous reading

PC 端和手机端可随时联网同步当前阅读的书籍和阅读进度,让阅读更加方便快捷,随时随地,随心所欲地看你想看的。

PC terminal and mobile terminal can be connected to the Internet at any time to synchronize the current reading books and reading progress, so that reading is more convenient and fast, anytime, anywhere, as you like.


Perfect simulation


Simulation bookshelf, let the book free to place; the first-class simulation book page effect, let the reading become more comfortable.


Considerate and practical


Support local book import, bookmark, full-text jump, book search, chapter catalog, voice listening and other functions, considerate and practical, tailored for you who love reading.

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