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Chinese-English Translation:

近年来,“ MicroLED”已成为科技和电视界的流行语。毫不夸张地说,MicroLED电视可以在未来改变制造商的电视制造方式。与OLED电视相比,许多人认为MicroLED装置是其中的一步。

In recent years, “microled” has become a buzzword in technology and television. It’s no exaggeration to say that microled TVs can change the way manufacturers make TVs in the future. Compared with OLED TV, many people think that microled device is one of them.

近年来,“ MicroLED”已成为科技和电视界的流行语。毫不夸张地说,MicroLED 电视可以在未来改变制造商的电视制造方式。与 OLED 电视相比,许多人认为 MicroLED 装置是其中的一步。 如果您正在考虑进行更改或购买 MicroLED 电视,那么在进行切换之前,您应该了解很多信息。从理论上讲,MicroLED 应该提供完美的黑色,出色的色彩和近乎完美的斜视角。

In recent years, “microled” has become a buzzword in technology and television. It’s no exaggeration to say that microled TVs can change the way manufacturers make TVs in the future. Compared with OLED TV, many people think that microled device is one of them. If you are considering making a change or purchasing a microled TV, you should know a lot before switching. In theory, microleds should provide perfect black, excellent color and near perfect squint angle.


Television technology

要了解为什么 MicroLED 这么重要,我们需要快速回顾一下现代电视的工作原理:目前,我们所说的 LED 电视实际上是液晶面板,背后是一串 LED 灯。LCD 屏幕无法自己发光,因此必须照亮它们背后的光线才能获得图像。

To understand why microleds are so important, we need to take a quick look at how modern TVs work: at present, what we call led TVs are actually LCD panels with a bunch of LED lights behind them. LCD screens can’t light themselves, so you have to illuminate the light behind them to get an image.

OLED 电视获得如此高评价的原因在于 OLED 面板是我们所谓的“发射显示器”技术。OLED 屏幕中的每个像素都有自己的光,不需要背光。OLED 等发光显示器的优点是完美的黑电平,出色的色彩和近乎完美的斜视角。换句话说,OLED 在 LCD / LED 电视所没有的所有方面都非常出色。

The reason why OLED TVs are so highly rated is that OLED panels are what we call “emission display” technology. Each pixel in an OLED screen has its own light and does not need a backlight. OLED and other light-emitting displays have the advantages of perfect black level, excellent color and near perfect oblique angle. In other words, OLEDs are excellent in everything that LCD / LED TVs don’t have.

OLED 面板的缺点?由于它们是用有机化合物制成的,因此制造成本昂贵,亮度有些受限,并且在最令人难以忍受的观看场景下可能会遭受烙印。它们也很难大规模生产。迄今为止,LG 的 88 英寸 8K Z9 OLED 是有史以来最大的 OLED。

Disadvantages of OLED panel? Because they are made of organic compounds, they are expensive to manufacture, somewhat limited in brightness, and may be branded in the most intolerable viewing scenarios. They are also difficult to mass produce. To date, LG’s 88 inch 8K Z9 OLED is the largest ever OLED.

MicroLED 的好处

Benefits of microled

MicroLED 令人兴奋的是,它也是一种发光显示器,但与 OLED 不同,它不依赖有机化合物来发光。从理论上讲,MicroLED 显示器应该像 OLED 一样,具有完美的黑色,出色的色彩和近乎完美的倾斜视角,但它们也应该更亮,非常纤细,不易老化,并且从长远来看,比 OLED 便宜。

What’s exciting about microled is that it’s also a light-emitting display, but unlike OLEDs, it doesn’t rely on organic compounds to emit light. In theory, microled displays should be like OLEDs, with perfect black, excellent color and near perfect tilt angle, but they should also be brighter, very slim, less prone to aging, and cheaper than OLEDs in the long run.

由于小型 MicroLED 面板可以组合成更大的显示器,因此从制造的角度来看,屏幕尺寸也没有限制。但是,成本仍然会起作用。除了令人赞叹的出色画面性能外,MicroLED 电视还基于模块化系统,允许用户自定义屏幕的尺寸,并有可能在未来发展。就是说,虽然模块化技术被宣传为“无缝”,但显示器却得到了极大的改进,到目前为止,根据我们的经验,如果您仔细观察,仍有缝隙。

Since small microled panels can be combined into larger displays, there is no limit to screen size from a manufacturing point of view. But costs will still work. In addition to the impressive picture performance, microled TVs are based on modular systems that allow users to customize the screen size and are likely to grow in the future. That is to say, although modular technology is advertised as “seamless”, the display has been greatly improved. So far, according to our experience, if you observe carefully, there are still gaps.


When can we get it?

三星现在正在出售 The Wall Luxury,这是一款 MicroLED 电视,可以将其从 2K 73 英寸显示器扩展到 8K 292 英寸显示器,出售给那些有现金购买的人(三星没有讨论价格。与新闻媒体一起使用 Wall Luxury)。三星电子最近宣布将其最大的 8K MicroLED 电视配置扩展到 583 英寸,这一推动力将在 2020 年继续。

Samsung is now selling the wall luxury, a microled TV that can be expanded from 2K 73 inch displays to 8K 292 inch displays for sale to those with cash to buy (Samsung did not discuss the price. Use wall luxury with news media). Samsung recently announced the expansion of its largest 8K microled TV configuration to 583 inches, a push that will continue in 2020.

索尼的 Crystal LED 是其 MicroLED 的版本,现在,那些以 500 万美元购买最大的 16K 版本的人也可以使用它。但是,与新技术一样,这些电视中的技术有望在未来几年内逐步普及到更小,更便宜的型号。

Sony’s Crystal LED is a version of its microled, which is now available to those who buy the largest 16K version for $5 million. But, as with the new technology, the technology in these TVs is expected to gradually spread to smaller, cheaper models over the next few years.

在 2020 年国际消费电子展(CES)上,三星表示已准备大规模生产最大 150 英寸的产品。如果这些计划得以实现,那么对于不属于 0.01%的消费者,MicroLED 可能会在 2020 年成为现实的第一年。

At CES 2020, Samsung said it was ready to mass produce products up to 150 inches in size. If these plans are implemented, microled may become the first year of reality in 2020 for consumers who are not in the 0.01% category.

三星和索尼并不是唯一从事 MicroLED 研究的公司。2017 年开始有报道称苹果正在尝试使用该技术开发自己的显示器,但似乎该公司考虑到了一个完全不同的用例。最近的报道表明,苹果计划使用 MicroLED 代替小屏幕,而不是使用大屏幕显示器,例如 iPhone 内部的屏幕,甚至可能是 Apple Watch。消息人士称,虽然苹果尚未确认这种产品,但苹果公司已经生产出了带有 MicroLED 显示屏的原型手表,并且几年后我们就会看到使用该技术的手表。

Samsung and Sony are not the only companies working on microleds. Since 2017, there have been reports that apple is trying to use the technology to develop its own displays, but it seems that the company is considering a completely different use case. Recent reports suggest that Apple plans to use microleds instead of large screens, such as those inside the iPhone or even the apple watch. Although Apple has yet to confirm the product, Apple has produced a prototype watch with a micro LED display, and we will see watches using the technology in a few years, the source said.

比 OLED 更好?

Better than OLED?

如您在上面的视频中所看到的,MicroLED 显示器-尤其是大规模的 LED-令人惊叹,其亮度和色彩从未有过如此大的显示器。如前所述,除非您直接走到面板上并仔细观察,否则即使早期原型的引人注目的接缝也已得到处理。

As you can see in the video above, microled displays – especially large-scale LEDs – are amazing, and their brightness and color have never been greater. As mentioned earlier, unless you go directly to the panel and look closely, even the striking seams of early prototypes have been dealt with.

但是,MicroLED 是否代表了 OLED 电视的优势,在很大程度上取决于您想要的屏幕尺寸。目前,与类似尺寸的 LED 或 OLED 电视相比,70-120 英寸范围内的 MicroLED 屏幕的分辨率较低。例如,三星在 CES 2019 上展示的 75 英寸 MicroLED 电视是 4K 型号,而 OLED 和 QLED 电视均以相同尺寸提供 8K 分辨率。因此,除非您的目标是占领一整堵墙,否则 OLED 在图像质量和预算方面仍然是更好的选择。

However, whether microled represents the advantage of OLED TV depends largely on the screen size you want. Currently, microled screens in the 70-120 inch range have a lower resolution than similar sized LED or OLED TVs. For example, Samsung’s 75 inch micro LED TV at CES 2019 is a 4K model, while OLED and qled TVs both offer 8K resolution in the same size. So, unless your goal is to capture an entire wall, OLED is still a better choice in terms of image quality and budget.

正如我们上面指出的那样,随着技术价格的下降和新型 LED 的改进,这种情况将会改变。但是,MicroLED 和 OLED 不再是唯一的发光面板技术。

As we pointed out above, this will change as technology prices fall and new LEDs improve. However, microled and OLED are no longer the only light-emitting panel technology.

三星最近宣布,它将开始基于 QD-OLED(量子 OLED)技术生产电视,该技术是三星在其 QLED 电视中使用的量子点层和 OLED 技术的混合体。这可能不会增加 OLED 电视的尺寸,但可能会在不牺牲 OLED 面板全黑的情况下,对 OLED 面板的亮度产生巨大影响。

Samsung recently announced that it will start producing TVs based on qd-oled (quantum OLED) technology, a hybrid of quantum dot layer and OLED technology used by Samsung in its qled TVs. This may not increase the size of the OLED TV, but it may have a significant impact on the brightness of the OLED panel without sacrificing the full black of the OLED panel.

另一个可能的竞争者?迷你 LED 是 TCL 的一些令人印象深刻的新显示器的背后,TCL 一直致力于缩小 LED 背光的尺寸。各个背光 LED 越小,您越接近 OLED 的纯黑色。

Another possible competitor? Mini LEDs are behind some of TCL’s impressive new displays, and TCL has been working to reduce the size of LED backlights. The smaller each backlight LED, the closer you are to the pure black of OLED.

究竟哪种新技术将占据统治地位,目前尚无定论。OLED 凭借其强大的可用性和可负担性,目前正在享受阳光,但是随着日历的不断变化,明天的技术价格肯定会暴跌。电视的下一步发展是 OLED,MicroLED 的发展还是全新的发展,将取决于多种因素。

It is still uncertain which new technology will dominate. With its powerful availability and affordability, OLED is enjoying the sunshine at present, but as the calendar changes, the technology price will surely plummet tomorrow. Whether the next development of TV is OLED, microled or new development will depend on many factors.

质量和规格在重要性上很重要,但是,如果只有一小部分世界能够负担得起,这并不意味着什么,而且随着当今技术的发展日新月异,如果有更好的东西出现,这也不会令我们感到惊讶在市场稳定之前动摇一切。拥有正确掌握内容的 OLED 套装仍然是一个美丽的景象,如果您一直渴望升级,那么您当然应该考虑在 2020 年购买一个,但是 MicroLED 凭借其出色的改进和性能,几乎是第一个可行的威胁每个有争议的类别。如果它是电视制造商前进的首选,请不要感到惊讶。

Quality and specification are important in importance, but it doesn’t mean much if only a small part of the world can afford it, and with today’s technology changing with each passing day, if something better comes along, it won’t surprise us to shake everything before the market stabilizes. Having an OLED suite with the right content is still a beautiful sight, and if you’ve always wanted to upgrade, you should certainly consider buying one in 2020, but microled, with its outstanding improvements and performance, is almost the first viable threat to every controversial category. Don’t be surprised if it’s the first choice for TV makers to move forward.

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