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Chinese-English Translation:

在 2017 年的节流丑闻之后,许多苹果用户开始对颠覆这种减速感兴趣。最简单的方法之一就是更换你 iPhone 的电池。更换专业电池是最简单的选择,但你可能想要省钱并自己升级。

After the 2017 throttling scandal, many Apple users began to be interested in subverting this slowdown. One of the easiest ways to do this is to replace your iPhone Battery. Replacing professional batteries is the easiest option, but you may want to save money and upgrade yourself.


This guide will take you through the process of getting new batteries, whether it’s through apple or yourself. We will also help you better understand how the cell phone battery works and how the throttle affects your phone’s performance.


The working principle of the battery

在你做任何决定之前,你应该了解随着时间的推移,你的 iPhone 电池会发生什么变化。iPhone 使用的锂离子电池被认为是消耗品,因为它们会随着时间的推移而退化。这不是质量问题,这只是他们运作的方式。电池寿命是用电池周期来衡量的:一个周期等于一次将电池耗干到 0%,并将电池完全充电到 100%。这可能会花费任何时间,因为你不会耗尽你的电池到 0%,并恢复到 100%每一天。完成一次电池循环可能需要一天、两天或更长的时间。

Before you make any decisions, you should understand what changes will happen to your iPhone Battery over time. The lithium-ion batteries used by iPhone are considered consumables because they degrade over time. It’s not a quality issue, it’s just how they work. Battery life is measured by battery cycle: one cycle is equal to drying the battery to 0% at a time and charging the battery to 100% at a time. This can take any time because you won’t run out of your battery to 0 percent and recover to 100 percent every day. Completing a battery cycle may take one day, two days, or more.

据估计,iPhone 在电池开始退化之前,可以充电 500 次。也就是说,如果你的手机使用两年或更长时间,那么你的电池已经充满了足够的电量,可以将电池的电量降低到 80%。当电池的电量减少时,你会发现电池的电量消耗得更快,需要更频繁地充电。

It is estimated that the iPhone can charge 500 times before the battery begins to deteriorate. That is, if your phone is used for two years or more, your battery is full of enough power to reduce the battery to 80 percent. When the battery is less, you will find that the battery is consuming more quickly and needs to be charged more frequently.

电池寿命不仅取决于时间,还取决于你如何使用你的手机,以及你的使用对电池寿命的影响。随着电池的退化,它会反映在你手机的性能和获取足够电量来做你想做的事情的能力上。在 ios11 或更新版本中,你可以通过设置>电池>电池健康状况>最大容量来检查电池的一般使用寿命。你还可以查看过去几天的收费水平,甚至是你在手机上每个应用程序上花费的时间比例。这将帮助你决定是否投资一个新的电池。

Battery life depends not only on time, but also on how you use your phone and how your use affects battery life. As the battery degenerates, it reflects the performance of your phone and the ability to get enough power to do what you want to do. In ios11 or later, you can check the general life of the battery by setting the > battery health > maximum capacity. You can also see the level of charges over the past few days, even the percentage of time you spend on each application on your phone. This will help you decide whether to invest in a new battery.


Controversial throttling

2017 年 12 月,苹果公司证实,在电池达到一定的使用年龄后,故意降低了 iPhone 的速度,这一消息震惊了 iPhone 用户。这是因为旧电池可能会导致一些 iphone 意外关机,而节电可以让手机更有效地处理这些旧电池的电力输出。这是有道理的,但消费者并不满意——部分原因是他们不明白为什么他们的手机性能这么差,而许多人长期以来一直容忍这种性能,部分原因是苹果在这个问题上的保密似乎具有欺骗性。

In december2017, apple confirmed that the iPhone was deliberately slowed down after the battery reached a certain age of use, which shocked iPhone users. This is because old batteries can cause some iPhones to shut down unexpectedly, and saving power can make the phone more efficient in handling the power output of these old batteries. That makes sense, but consumers are not satisfied – partly because they don’t understand why their mobile phone is so poor, and many people have long tolerated it, partly because Apple’s secrecy on this issue seems deceptive.

在苹果澄清此事之后,为了修复与 iPhone 用户的关系,它在一年的大部分时间里以 30 美元的折扣向合格手机用户提供更换电池的服务——这些手机随着时间的推移已经丧失了大量的容量。这项电池更换计划为 iPhone 用户服务到 2018 年底。在那之后,每个人的电池更换价格都回到了正常水平。

After Apple clarified the matter, it offered qualified mobile phone users battery replacement services at a discount of $30 for most of the year to fix its relationship with iPhone users, which have lost a lot of capacity over time. The battery replacement plan will serve iPhone users by the end of 2018. After that, everyone’s battery replacement price has returned to normal levels.

即使这个折扣计划已经结束,你仍然可以选择更换你的 iPhone 电池,这将改善设备的性能,并可能使你免于购买一个全新的 iPhone。这里有一些方法让你得到一个新的电池。

Even if the discount program is over, you can still choose to replace your iPhone Battery, which will improve the performance of your device and may save you from buying a new iPhone. There are some ways to get you a new battery.


Replace battery with apple

更换 iPhone 电池最方便、最可靠的方法就是直接通过苹果公司。简单地把你的旧电池换成一个全新的。对于 iPhone X、XS、XS Max、XR、11 Pro、11 Pro Max 和 11,不在 AppleCare+覆盖范围内的保修期外机型的价格是 69 美元。对于 iPhone SE、6、6 Plus、6s、6s Plus、7、7 Plus、8、8 Plus 以及所有其他合格机型,保修期外价格为 49 美元。仍在保修期内或 AppleCare+覆盖的手机可以免费更换电池。我们建议你走苹果的老路,因为你不会取消手机的保修期,也不会因为更换电池而有损坏 iPhone 的风险。这也可以确保你得到的是真正的苹果电池,而不是售后服务。

The most convenient and reliable way to replace an iPhone Battery is to go directly through apple. Simply change your old battery into a new one. For iPhone x, XS, XS max, x, x, 11 pro, 11 Pro Max and 11, the price for models outside the warranty period that are not covered by applecare+ is $69. For iPhone se, 6, 6 plus, 6S, 6S plus, 7, 7 plus, 8, 8 plus and all other eligible models, the out of warranty price is $49. Phones still under warranty or covered by applecare+ can replace the battery for free. We suggest you take Apple’s old way, because you will not cancel the warranty period of your phone, and you will not be at risk of damaging the iPhone by replacing the battery. It also ensures that you get real apple batteries, not after-sales services.

如果你在 2015 年 9 月至 10 月期间购买了一部 iPhone 6S,而你的 iPhone 正在随机关机,你可能有资格获得免费电池更换。苹果有一个工具可以帮助你确定你的手机是否合格。要更换电池,你的手机应该没有水损害或屏幕裂缝。如果你有更多的问题,你可以在网上和苹果的技术人员聊天。

If you purchased an iPhone 6S between September and October 2015 and your iPhone is shutting down at random, you may be eligible for a free battery replacement. Apple has a tool to help you determine if your phone is qualified. To replace the battery, your phone should be free from water damage or screen cracks. If you have more questions, you can chat with Apple’s technicians online.

另一个简单的方法是去最近的苹果商店,这可能需要一次或几天的时间。百思买现在也是苹果的授权维修供应商,所以如果附近没有苹果专卖店,百思买是个不错的选择。加上百思买,每 10 个苹果用户中就有 8 个住在苹果授权服务提供商提供的 20 分钟内。如果你在偏远地区没有授权的维修中心,你总是可以船你的 iPhone 为电池交换苹果,但这个过程需要的时间比较长,您将需要等待苹果送你一盒运送你的 iPhone,发送它,苹果替换电池,然后回到你的船。

Another simple way to do this is to go to the nearest Apple store, which may take one or a few days. Best buy is also an authorized maintenance provider for apple, so if there is no apple store nearby, best buy is a good choice. Plus best buy, eight out of 10 Apple users live within 20 minutes of Apple’s authorized service provider. If you don’t have an authorized maintenance center in remote areas, you can always ship your iPhone for the battery, but it takes a long time to go, you will need to wait for apple to send you a box to deliver your iPhone, send it, apple replaces the battery, and then back to your boat.

小贴士:你可以通过 iPhone 或 iPad 上的苹果商店应用程序提前在当地的苹果商店预约,也可以在天才吧网站上预约。

Tip: you can make an appointment in advance at the local Apple store via the apple store app on the iPhone or iPad, or on the Genius Bar website.


Replace the battery yourself

你可以自己更换 iPhone 电池,但不适合胆小的人。这在很大程度上是因为 iPhone 使用了大量的胶水和其他材料,你必须自己摸索,这可能会很棘手,因为很多连续的步骤可能会很耗时。自己动手也会影响苹果从 iPhone 7 和 iPhone 7 Plus 开始增加的防水功能的完整性。

You can change your iPhone Battery yourself, but it’s not for the timid. This is largely because the iPhone uses a lot of glue and other materials, and you have to explore it yourself, which can be tricky, because a lot of continuous steps can take time. Doing it yourself also affects the integrity of the waterproof features Apple has added from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

你可以从 iFixit 等网站上获得深入的指导,iFixit 也出售替换 iPhone 电池所需工具的工具包。这些套件的价格大多在 30 美元左右,比让苹果来做要便宜一些,但你要做所有的工作,工作没有保障,如果出了问题,你只能靠自己。iFixit 的指南适用于 iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus、iPhone 6S、iPhone 6S Plus、iPhone 7、iPhone 7 Plus、iPhone 8、iPhone 8 Plus、iPhone X、iPhone XS、iPhone XS Max、iPhone XR、iPhone 11、iPhone 11 Pro 和 iPhone 11 Pro Max。你真的不需要在短期内更换 iPhone X、iPhone XS、iPhone XS Max 或更新的 iPhone 电池。

You can get in-depth guidance from sites such as ifixit, which also sells kits to replace the tools needed to replace the iPhone Battery. Most of these kits cost about $30, cheaper than apple, but you have to do all the work, the job is not guaranteed, if there is a problem, you can only rely on yourself. The ifixit guide is for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone x, iPhone XS, iPhone XS max, iPhone x, iPhone x, iPhone x, iPhone x, iPhone x, iPhone x, iPhone x, iPhone x, iPhone 11 pro, iPhone 11 Pro max. You really don’t need to replace iPhone x, iPhone XS, iPhone XS max, or newer iPhone batteries in the short term.


Replace battery at third party maintenance shop

如果你或你认识的人曾经破解 iPhone 屏幕和得到它固定在一个商店你应该有点熟悉的利弊。虽然价格维修机构几乎总是打败那些苹果,你会独立店保修的摆布和业主的意愿来纪念它。在维修店更换电池可能会比苹果的保修服务便宜,因为维修店的动机是赚你的钱。然而,你不能保证你的新电池的来源和工作的质量不同的商店之间的差异。

If you or someone you know have cracked the iPhone screen and got it fixed in a store you should be a bit familiar with the pros and cons. Although price maintenance agencies almost always beat those apples, you will honor it with the furnishings of the independent store warranty and the wishes of the owner. Replacing batteries at a repair shop can be cheaper than Apple’s warranty service, because the motivation for the store is to make money. However, you can’t guarantee the difference between the source of your new battery and the quality of the work between the stores.



除非你的 iPhone 真的很旧,否则一个没有缺陷的电池应该还有很长的使用寿命。如果你使用的是 iOS 11 或更新版本,你可以准确地看到你的电池有多健康,并采取适当的行动来缓解任何问题。如果你发现你需要更换电池,苹果提供了合理的价格选择,让你很方便地抢救你的设备,无论年龄大小。那些有能力的手可能想尝试第三方工具和节省几块钱,和第三方维修店可能为你节省一些钱没有尝试修复自己的麻烦,但对我们其余的人来说,苹果或百思买优点已经准备好帮助你以合理的价格,同时保持你的保修。无论你是否决定更换你的 iPhone 电池,你都应该阅读我们关于如何节省智能手机电池寿命的提示。

Unless your iPhone is really old, a flawless battery should have a long life. If you are using IOS 11 or later, you can see exactly how healthy your battery is and take appropriate action to alleviate any problems. If you find you need to replace the battery, apple offers a reasonable price option to make it easy to save your equipment, regardless of age. Those with the ability to try third-party tools and save a few dollars, and third-party repair stores may save you some money without trying to fix your troubles, but for the rest of us, apple or best buy benefits are ready to help you at a reasonable price while maintaining your warranty. Whether you decide to replace your iPhone Battery or not, you should read our tips on how to save the battery life of your smartphone.

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