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Chinese-English Translation:


The essence of knowledge payment is to turn knowledge into products or services to realize business value, which is helpful to help people screen information efficiently. At the same time, payment also encourages the production of high-quality content, so that knowledge recipients pay the corresponding cost.


The essence of knowledge payment is to turn knowledge into products or services to realize business value. Knowledge payment can help people to screen information efficiently, and at the same time encourage the production of high-quality content. In short, knowledge payment is to let the recipient of knowledge pay the corresponding cost. At the same time, there is a broader definition of knowledge payment, that is, any form of direct capital injection in the process of knowledge circulation.


Definition of phenomenon


The phenomenon of knowledge payment mainly refers to the phenomenon that the receiver of knowledge pays for the knowledge they read. Knowledge payment allows knowledge recipients to indirectly reward the disseminators and screeners of knowledge, instead of letting those who participate in the chain of knowledge dissemination obtain income through traffic or advertising.


hot topic

从 2016 年开始,一系列标志性的事件让知识付费渐渐成为时尚。2016 年 5 月 15 日,付费语音问答平台“分答”上线。通过这一平台,你可以快速地找到能给自己提供帮助的那个人,用一分钟时间为你答疑解惑,很多名人和各领域的专家也都加入“分答”付费问答模式。随后,罗辑思维创始人罗振宇全力打造“得到 APP”,喜马拉雅 FM 创办知识付费节”123 知识狂欢节”,知乎上线“知乎 live”等等。进入 2017 年,这一趋势丝毫没有减速的迹象。3 月 7 日,豆瓣网推出了首款付费产品“豆瓣时间”;随后腾讯 CEO 马化腾表示,“微信公众号”正加快上线付费订阅。2019 年 12 月 30 日知识付费系统技术服务商“创客匠人”新三板挂牌上市。

Since 2016, a series of landmark events have gradually made knowledge payment fashionable. On May 15, 2016, the paid voice question and answer platform was launched. Through this platform, you can quickly find the person who can help you and answer your questions in one minute. Many celebrities and experts in various fields also join the “sub answer” paid question and answer mode. Subsequently, Luo Zhenyu, founder of Luoji thinking, made every effort to create “get app“, Himalayan FM founded knowledge payment Festival “123 knowledge Carnival”, Zhihu launched “Zhihu live”, etc. Entering 2017, this trend shows no sign of slowing down. In March 7th, the first payment product “bean oil time” was launched by the bean oil network. Then Tencent CEO Ma Huateng said that the official account of WeChat is speeding up the online subscription subscription. On December 30, 2019, the knowledge payment system technology service provider “maker craftsman” was listed on the new third board.


In an era when attention and high-quality content are becoming more and more scarce, more and more sensitive institutions and individuals seem to smell the letter from afar, ready to carry knowledge to the wind.




Knowledge payment allows the receiver of knowledge to pay for the acquired knowledge. Knowledge payment is conducive to compensating the cost of knowledge dissemination and screening, and giving economic compensation to the participants in the chain of knowledge generation, screening and dissemination, and enabling more people to participate in the process of knowledge dissemination.


Time cost


Knowledge payment reduces the time cost of users. Because of too many choices, users are paralyzed in decision-making, and the time cost of their own choice increases. They are willing to pay for knowledge instead of personal search options, which makes it possible to pay for knowledge.


Money cost

知识付费降低了学员的金钱成本。“得到 APP”上卖的音频干货,商学院笔记,干货图书标价其实也很低,学员学习课程既不用到现场,也不用订机票酒店出差奔波,这就是在降低人学习的金钱成本。

Knowledge payment reduces students’ money cost. In fact, the price of audio dry goods, business school notes and dry goods books sold on “get app” is also very low. Students do not have to go to the scene to study courses, nor do they need to book air tickets. This is to reduce the money cost of learning.


Social currency


Knowledge payment is increasingly becoming a social currency. Although you haven’t seen Ode to joy, after reading several articles about Ode to joy, you have the right to chat with others. Although you have not read “inevitability”, you can get in touch with this topic when you buy the book. Although you have not seen the movie “big fish and Begonia”, but after watching the recommendation of “Liu Li film review”, you dare to like it It’s a good movie. Therefore, for paid knowledge products, social currency often means that the product has the endorsement of personality and the resources to communicate with others.


Users are willing to pay for the content, but it doesn’t matter whether the content is actually effective or not. What matters is that Liu Li, Ma Yun, Liu Chuanzhi and Lei Jun recommend it. If you read it, you will feel like a successful person. If you chat with others, you will have a topic.

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