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Chinese-English Translation:


Feil earphone is a earphone brand founded by Wang Feng, a rock musician. Its Chinese name is Feier. This is a coined English word, a homophonic combination of “fill” and “feel”.

FIIL 耳机是摇滚音乐人汪峰亲自参与创立的耳机品牌,中文名斐耳。这是一个生造的英文词,是“fill”和“feel”的谐音联合体。

Feil earphone is a earphone brand founded by Wang Feng, a rock musician. Its Chinese name is Feier. This is a coined English word, a homophonic combination of “fill” and “feel”.

2015 年 10 月 20 日晚,歌手、中国好声音导师汪峰变身产品经理在北京正式推出了耳机新品牌 FIIL,并同步发布了三款 FIIL 耳机:售价 1099 元的有线款 FIIL 耳机、售价 599 元的 FIIL Bestie 入耳式耳塞和售价 1599 元的 FIIL Wireless 无线蓝牙款。12 月 12 日,FIIL 耳机在首批百家线下体验店推出 FIIL 尊享版耳机。

On the evening of October 20, 2015, singer and China voice mentor Wang Feng changed into product manager and officially launched a new brand of fiil headphones in Beijing, and simultaneously released three types of fiil earphones: the wired fiil headset with a price of 1099 yuan, the Feil bestie in ear earplug with a price of 599 yuan, and the fiil wireless wireless wireless Bluetooth model with a price of 1599 yuan. On December 12, fiil headphones were launched in the first 100 offline experience stores.

2016 年 8 月 9 日,农历七夕节。FIIL 耳机在北京举办主题为—— Change!For My DIVA ·FIIL 耳机新品发布会。 推出压耳式智能无线耳机 FIIL Diva、FIIL Diva Pro 两款重磅产品,目前已经在京东开始众筹。

August 9, 2016, Chinese New Year’s Eve Festival. The theme of Feil earphone was change! For my Diva · fiil earphone new product launch in Beijing. We have launched two heavyweight products, fiil Diva and fiil Diva pro, which have been crowdfunding in Jingdong.

2016 年 10 月 20 日,也正好是距 FIIL 耳机第一次发布会恰好一周年的日子,汪峰宣布推出一款运动耳机 FIIL Carat,售价 499 元;此外,一同亮相的还有 Carat 的 Pro 版本,在增加心率检测和 4G 本地存储后,售价 1299 元。

On October 20, 2016, just one year after the first launch of fiil headphones, Wang Feng announced the launch of a sports headset, fiil carat, with a price of 499 yuan. In addition, the pro version of carat was also on the show, which sold for 1299 yuan after adding heart rate detection and 4G local storage.


Meaning of naming

fiil 是英文“fill”和“feel”的谐音联合体,并且打通了 i 和 l 的差别,可以有很多字形上的变化,印在耳机上可能会更显眼。巧合的是,该名字的首字母 f 也是峰的首字母。

Fiil is a homophonic combination of English “fill” and “feel”. It can make the difference between “I” and “L”, and can have many changes in font. It may be more conspicuous when printed on the earphone. Coincidentally, the first letter F of the name is also the first letter of the peak.


Product background


Wang Feng also confessed that he had long wanted to make an independent brand earphone, so that the public could get “minority style and more professional feeling” in a way acceptable to the public, so as to enhance the public’s perception of music and expand the ear range.

不过 fiil 的诞生离不开梅花天使创投的吴世春和青山资本张野。因为正是他们说服了汪峰,让 fiil 耳机从梦想成为了现实。有内部人士透露,在他们的运作下,fiil 耳机天使轮的融资额就已经达到了一千万美元,并且他们还协助汪峰打造了一个豪华的创业团队。

However, the birth of fiil is inseparable from Wu Shichun of plum blossom Angel venture capital and Zhangye of Qingshan capital. Because it was they who convinced Wang Feng to make the fiil headset from a dream to a reality. According to insiders, under their operation, the financing amount of Feil earphone Angel round has reached 10 million US dollars, and they have also helped Wang Feng build a luxurious entrepreneurial team.

前华为荣耀业务副总裁彭锦洲就是经吴世春介绍,以 CEO 的身份进入汪峰团队,负责“操盘”FIIL 耳机。彭锦洲是老华为人,也是“荣耀奇迹”最重要的功臣——2014 年,荣耀手机实现了 1 亿美金到 20 多亿美金的销售增长,被称为“荣耀奇迹”。

Peng Jinzhou, former vice president of Huawei glory business, was introduced by Wu Shichun to join the Wangfeng team as CEO and was responsible for “trading” fiil earphones. Peng Jinzhou is an old Huawei person, and also the most important contributor to the “glory miracle” — in 2014, glory mobile phones achieved sales growth of US $100 million to more than US $2 billion, known as the “glory miracle”.

在团队的运作下,fiil 从专业耳机研发公司——缤特力中国研发中心挖到了数名资深员工,负责 FIIL 耳机的音质音效;而耳机外观则分别经由 BMW 设计中心(上海)的著名设计师台湾人刘传凯、德国的 DA 公司(designaffairs)来规划、设计,最终定型。

Under the operation of the team, fiil has recruited several senior employees from the professional headphone R & D company, Bentley China R & D center, to be responsible for the sound quality and sound effect of fiil earphones. The earphone appearance was planned and designed by famous designer Liu Chuankai of BMW design center (Shanghai) and design Affairs (design Affairs) of Germany, respectively.

2017 年 1 月,FIIL 首任 CEO、原华为荣耀副总裁彭锦洲已经离职,原 CTO 邬宁接任 CEO。根据公开资料,邬宁为声学电声博士,曾在缤特力任研发主管,专注于音频系统研发。

In January 2017, Peng Jinzhou, the first CEO of fiil and former vice president of Huawei glory, has left the company, and Wu Ning, the former CTO, takes over the CEO. According to public information, Wu Ning is a doctor of acoustics and electroacoustics. He was the research and development director of Bentley, focusing on audio system research and development.


Product line

2015 年 FIIL 发布会以来,FIIL 首先在线上推出了三款产品:FIIL 、FIIL Wireless、FIIL Bestie 三款耳机。 并在线下同步推出尊享版。 在 2016 年的新品发布会上,fiil 又推出了三款耳机:FIIL Diva 、FIIL Diva Pro 以及陶瓷版 FIIL 耳机。

Since the launch of fiil in 2015, fiil first launched three products online: fiil, fiil wireless and fiil bestie. And launched the exclusive version online and offline simultaneously. At the 2016 launch, fiil launched three more headphones: fiil diva, fiil Diva pro and ceramic fiil headphones.

2017 年 5 月 4 日,FIIL 发布全新项链运动耳机 Carat lite,这款产品主打年轻人群体,符合潮流年轻人的审美喜好。

On May 4, 2017, fiil released the brand-new necklace sports headset carat Lite, which is mainly aimed at young people and conforms to the aesthetic preferences of fashionable young people.


Promotion methods

2015 年 8 月 16 日,FIIL 耳机的真身正式亮相。在中国好声音录制现场,汪峰借邓紫棋过生日的噱头将“全世界首个 fiil 耳机”送给了她,随后章子怡也转发微博,为汪峰站台,推了一把 FIIL 耳机。而在 8 月 21 日晚,好声音录制现场,作为导师的汪峰还给每个离场的学员送上了 FIIL 耳机,以资鼓励。

On August 16, 2015, the real body of fiil earphone was officially unveiled. At the sound recording site of China, Wang Feng gave Deng Ziqi “the world’s first fiil headset” as a birthday stunt for Deng Ziqi, and then Zhang Ziyi also forwarded her microblog and pushed a fiil headset for Wang Feng’s platform. On the evening of August 21, Wang Feng, as a tutor, sent fiil earphones to every student who left the studio for encouragement.


Brand target

2015 年发布会期间汪峰曾表示,要做一款源自中国的世界级耳机,让更多中国用户听到高品质的声音,从产品、文化、内容生态领域拓展耳机的更多可能性。过去的成绩,只是 fiil 向梦想迈出的第一步,而在本次发布会上,汪峰用“革命性”来定义他的新品和 FIIL 即将迈出的步伐。

During 2015, Wang Feng said that more high-quality earphones should be produced in the field of Chinese culture to expand the possibility of more high-quality headphones from the world. The past achievements are only the first step for fiil to achieve his dream. At this conference, Wang Feng used “revolutionary” to define his new products and the steps fiil will take.

汪峰在发布会上指出,未来耳机的发展方向是“无线”,场景需求是“智能化”。汪峰认为,“智能化”就是主动的思考和感知,能体察、预判用户的感受和需求,然后主动地去满足这些需求。新品 FIIL Diva 以“全场景智能无线耳机”亮相,突破传统耳机对音质的单一追求,力争引起一场耳机行业的革命。

Wang Feng pointed out at the press conference that the future development direction of headphones is “wireless”, and the scene demand is “intelligent”. Wang Feng believes that “intelligence” is active thinking and perception, which can observe and predict users’ feelings and needs, and then take the initiative to meet these needs. Fiil diva, a new product, appeared as “full scene intelligent wireless headset”, breaking through the single pursuit of traditional headphones for sound quality, and striving to cause a revolution in the headset industry.


distribution channel

目前 fiil 耳机的全系产品(FIIL、FIIL Bestie、FIIL Wireless)的销售渠道分为线上与线下两种。线上渠道主要集中在 FIIL 耳机官网、京东商城和 FIIL 天猫旗舰店等三大平台之上。

At present, the sales channels of the whole series of fiil earphones (fiil, fiil bestie and fiil wireless) are divided into online and offline channels. Online channels are mainly concentrated on the fiil headset official website, Jingdong Mall and fiil tmall flagship store.

线下渠道则主要为 fiil 耳机在全国各地布局的体验店。2015 年 12 月 12 日,fiil 耳机在北京朝阳大悦城举办了线下

The offline channel is mainly fiil earphone experience stores across the country. On December 12, 2015, fiil earphone was held offline in Beijing Chaoyang Joy City

体验店的开幕式。同时,宣布推出 FIIL 尊享版耳机,在首批百家体验店中开放体验、发售。

The opening ceremony of the experience store. At the same time, we announced the launch of fiil Premium Edition earphone, which will be available for sale in the first 100 experience stores.

Fiil 公司 CEO 彭锦洲此前在接受媒体采访时曾表示,2016 年公司要销售到 10 万部才可做到盈亏平衡。FIIL 还有半年多的时间达到这样的目标,尽管这并不容易。

Peng Jinzhou, CEO of Feil company, said in an interview with the media that the company would have to sell 100000 units in 2016 to break even. Fiil still has more than half a year to achieve this goal, although it is not easy.

为了实现上述目标,Fiil 耳机开始和手机厂商合作,为锤子和乐视手机推出定制版耳机。在渠道方面,未来的合作可会涉及 3C 门店,合作店面大约在 300-500 家,目前部分产品已进入苹果专卖店。预计 2017 年将建设线下体验店和旗舰店。

In order to achieve this goal, fiil headset began to cooperate with mobile phone manufacturers to launch customized earphones for hammer and LETV mobile phones. In terms of channels, future cooperation may involve 3C stores, with about 300-500 stores. At present, some products have entered Apple stores. It is expected that offline experience stores and flagship stores will be built in 2017.

FIIL 耳机新品 Diva、 Diva Pro 现在已经开始在京东展开为期 35 天的众筹。

The new fiil headphones Diva and diva Pro have started crowdfunding for 35 days in Jingdong.

2016 年,FIIL 已有 150 家线下体验店,还有 50 家即将开业;而在 2017 年上半年,这个数字将达到 500 家。

In 2016, fiil has 150 offline experience stores and 50 more are about to open; in the first half of 2017, the number will reach 500.

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