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Chinese-English Translation:

ReactOS 是一款是开源、自由的基于 Windows NT 架构的开源操作系统,旨在实现和 NT 与 Windows 操作系统二进制下的完全应用程序和驱动设备的兼容性,通过使用类似构架和提供完全公共接口。

ReactOS is an open source and free open source operating system based on Windows NT architecture. It aims to realize the compatibility between NT and windows operating system binary application programs and driver devices. Through the use of similar architectures and the provision of a fully public interface.

ReactOS 是开源、自由的 Windows NT 系列克隆操作系统,保持了与 Windows 的系统级兼容性。

ReactOS is an open source and free clone operating system of Windows NT Series, which maintains the system level compatibility with windows.

ReactOS 是一款基于 Windows NT 架构的开源操作系统,旨在实现和 NT 与 Windows 操作系统二进制下的完全应用程序和驱动设备的兼容性,通过使用类似构架和提供完全公共接口。

ReactOS is an open source operating system based on Windows NT architecture. It aims to achieve full compatibility with applications and drivers under the binary system of NT and windows operating system. By using similar architecture and providing a completely public interface, ReactOS is a kind of open source operating system based on Windows NT architecture.

截至 2018 年 12 月,ReactOS 仍然被认为是 alpha 软件,功能不完整但许多 Windows 应用程序已经运行(例如 Adobe Reader 6.0,OpenOffice 等),因此开发人员仅建议用于评估和测试目的。

As of December 2018, Reactios is still considered as alpha software with incomplete functions, but many windows applications have been running (such as adobe reader 6.0, OpenOffice, etc.), so developers only recommend it for evaluation and testing purposes.

1996 年,一群自由软件开发者开始了一个名为 FreeWin95 的项目,旨在重新实现 Windows 95。但当时对该操作系统仅限于讨论而没有实质性进展。

In 1996, a group of free software developers started a project called freewin95, aiming to re implement Windows 95. But at that time, the discussion of the operating system was limited to discussion, and no substantial progress was made.

虽然对于 FreeWin95 项目期待很高,但直到 1997 年末,项目还没有公开发布任何版本,于是项目协调员 Jason Filby 联合大家重振该项目并起了一个新名称 “ReactOS” ,并计划重新实现 Windows NT。1998 年 2 月 ReactOS 项目正式启动,开始开发系统内核和基本的驱动程序。

Although there are high expectations for freewin95 project, no version of the project has been released publicly until the end of 1997. Therefore, project coordinator Jason filby joined hands to revitalize the project and named it “ReactOS” and planned to re implement Windows NT. In February 1998, the ReactOS project was officially launched and started to develop the system kernel and basic drivers.

为了避免版权起诉,ReactOS 必须明确地完全区分并且不衍生于 Windows,这是一个需要非常谨慎工作的目标。2006 年 1 月 17 日,Hartmut Birr 在 ReactOS 开发者邮件列表中指出 ReactOS 包含有反编译的 Windows 源码。因此开发者暂时禁止非开发者进入系统。鉴于 ReactOS 是开放源码软件,此举引起开放源码社群的不满。ReactOS 的贡献者没受当时的举动影响。

In order to avoid copyright litigation, Reactios must be clearly and completely differentiated and not derived from windows, a goal that requires very careful work. On January 17, 2006, Hartmut birr pointed out in the ReactOS developer mailing list that Reactios contains the decompiled windows source code. Therefore, developers temporarily prohibit non developers from entering the system. Given that Reactios is open source software, this has caused dissatisfaction from the open source community. ReactOS contributors were not affected by the actions at the time.

ReactOS 主要用 C 语言进行编写,另外包含一些用 C ++ 编写的元素,如 ReactOS Explorer 和声音栈。该项目使用 MinGW 和 Visual Studio 进行编译。

Reactios is mainly written in C language, and contains some elements written in C + +, such as Reactios explorer and sound stack. The project is compiled using MinGW and visual studio.

ReactOS 和 Wine 项目共享本机运行二进制 Windows 软件的目标,因此可以共享许多依赖项和开发。 ReactOS 使用 Wine 项目的一部分,以便它可以从 Wine 在实现 Win32 API 方面的进展中受益。虽然由于体系结构的不同,Wine 的 NTDLL,USER32,KERNEL32,GDI32 和 ADVAPI32 组件不能由 ReactOS 直接使用,但代码片段和其他部分可以在两个项目之间共享。不过内核由 ReactOS 单独开发,因为 Wine 依赖于现有的类 Unix 内核。

ReactOS and wine projects share the goal of running binary windows software natively, so many dependencies and development can be shared. ReactOS uses part of the wine project so that it can benefit from wine’s progress in implementing the Win32 API. Although the ntdll, user32, Kernel32, gdi32 and advapi32 components of wine cannot be directly used by Reactios due to different architectures, code fragments and other parts can be shared between the two projects. However, the kernel was developed separately by Reactios because wine relies on the existing UNIX like kernel.

ReactOS 项目组宣布,他们已聘请 Victor Perevertkin 在接下来的 3 个月全职从事 ReactOS 存储相关的开发工作。ReactOS 有”开源 Windows”之称,不过其在存储方面的技术水平长期而来相对于其他模块而言,一直处于不太理想的状态。这也是促使他们聘请全职开发者在存储及相关领域进行改进的主要原因。

The ReactOS project team announced that they had hired Victor perertkin to work full-time in the next three months in the development of Reactios storage. ReactOS is known as “open source windows”, but its storage technology level is not ideal compared with other modules for a long time. This is also the main reason why they hire full-time developers to improve storage and related areas.

自 2018 年以来,Victor 一直是各种 ReactOS 组件的主要贡献者。他在 GSoC 首次亮相时为 ReactOS 编写的 Btrfs 引导扇区代码就已深入到内核领域,后来负责管理新 USB 堆栈的集成,最近在为 ReactOS 向新的编译器工具链的重大升级做准备时,几乎接触到了 ReactOS 的所有部分。

Since 2018, Victor has been a major contributor to various Reactios components. When he made his debut at gsoc, the Btrfs boot sector code he wrote for Reactios had already penetrated into the kernel domain. Later, he was responsible for managing the integration of the new USB stack. Recently, when preparing for the major upgrade of Reactios to the new compiler tool chain, he almost touched all parts of Reactios.

在合同期间内,Victor 将主要从事存储相关的开发工作,这是 ReactOS 中长期被忽视的一块。他计划最终将 scsiport 转换为支持即插即用(Plug & Play)的驱动程序,并在此过程中修复内核即插即用的 bug,从而改进 USB 存储支持和对 Windows 存储驱动程序的兼容性。

During the contract period, victor will be mainly engaged in storage related development work, which is a long neglected part of Reactios. He plans to eventually convert scsiport to plug & amp; play enabled drivers, and fix kernel plug and play bugs in the process to improve USB storage support and compatibility with windows storage drivers.

如果时间允许,延伸目标包括继续他之前的工作,将谷歌的内核内存错误检测工具 Address Sanitizers 集成到 ReactOS 中,并修复通过启用 APIC 的 HAL 进行引导时存在的问题。

If time permits, the extension goal includes continuing his previous work, integrating Google‘s kernel memory error detection tool address sanitizers into ReactOS, and fixing problems when booting through Hal with APIC enabled.

ReactOS 项目组此次招聘行为对项目而言也是一个重要的里程碑,因为持续收到的捐助终于能够让他们以接近市场价格的价格雇佣一名全职开发者。

The recruitment of the Reactios project team is also an important milestone for the project, because the continuous donations can finally enable them to hire a full-time developer at a price close to the market price.

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