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Chinese-English Translation:

自 2012 年推出第一代 RX100 以来,索尼已经推出了这款广受欢迎的紧凑型相机的其他七个变种。在过去的八年里,很多东西都有了很大的改进,最新的 RX100 VII 是你能买到的最好的傻瓜相机。然而,这款 1 英寸的 2000 万像素传感器的核心功能并没有改变,尽管多年来有所改进。

Since the launch of the first generation rx100 in 2012, Sony has launched seven other variants of this popular compact camera. A lot of things have improved a lot over the past eight years, and the latest rx100 VII is the best point and shoot camera you can buy. However, the core functionality of the one inch 20 megapixel sensor has not changed, although it has improved over the years.

随着时间的推移,有一点是肯定的,那就是价格。2012 年,摄影师为第一款 RX100 花了 650 美元。RX100 VII 目前售价为 1200 美元,这一价格几乎翻了一番。但是,一倍的价格就等于一倍好的相机吗?那要看谁在用它。

Over time, one thing is certain: the price. In 2012, the photographer paid $650 for the first rx100. The rx100 VII now costs $1200, which has almost doubled. But is double the price of a good camera? It depends on who is using it.

连续的拍摄速度、自动对焦和视频在过去几代中都有了显著的改进,包括 RX100 IV 的 4K 视频。这无疑会吸引那些想要高质量视频而又不想面对更大、体积更大的相机的用户。(索尼 ZV-1 是 RX100 系列的一个分支,为 youtube 和视频博主提供了更多视频特有的功能)。

Continuous shooting speed, autofocus and video have all improved significantly over the past few generations, including 4K video from the rx100 IV. This will undoubtedly appeal to users who want high-quality video without facing larger, larger cameras. (Sony zv-1, a branch of the rx100 series, offers more video specific features to Youtube and video bloggers.).

索尼实际上已经生产了 8 款 RX100,但只有 6 款仍然可以买到新的。弄清楚它们之间的区别可能是令人费解的。人们很自然地倾向于认为最新的产品就是最好的,但这并不一定是真的,你可能会为超出自己需要的东西付出更多。以下是每个 RX100 相机应该知道的,这样你就可以决定哪一个适合你。

Sony has actually produced eight rx100 models, but only six are still available. The difference between them can be puzzling. People naturally tend to think that the latest product is the best, but that’s not necessarily true. You may pay more for more than you need. Here’s what every rx100 camera should know so you can decide which one is right for you.

索尼 Sony RX100

Sony rx100

当 RX100 第一次上市的时候,它的规格给人留下了深刻的印象,让所有其他的傻瓜炮都黯然失色。24-100mm 等效镜头,f/1.8-2.8 光圈,国产 ISO 范围 125- 6400,10 帧/秒连续拍摄,1080p/60 fps 视频,使它成为一个极好的旅行伴侣。1/2000 秒的最大快门速度令人失望,但这款相机从一开始就永远不会吸引快速动作摄影师。

When the rx100 first came on the market, its specifications were impressive, eclipsing all other Dummies. 24-100 mm equivalent lens, f / 1.8-2.8 aperture, domestic ISO range 125-6400, 10 frames / s continuous shooting, 1080p / 60 FPS video, making it an excellent travel companion. The maximum shutter speed of 1 / 2000 seconds is disappointing, but the camera will never attract fast action photographers from the start.

除了日常的环球旅行者,RX100 对于那些想要从手机摄像头中走出来(甚至从单反相机中走出来)的人来说是完美的升级。虽然很紧凑,但它附带了一个相对较大的 1 英寸型传感器——这种格式后来大受欢迎。

In addition to everyday travelers around the world, the rx100 is a perfect upgrade for those who want to get out of mobile cameras (and even from SLRs). Compact as it is, it comes with a relatively large one inch sensor – a format that became popular.

另一个亮点是 330 张照片的电池续航时间,这仍然是所有 RX100 相机中最好的。

Another highlight is the battery life of 330 photos, which is still the best of all rx100 cameras.

虽然传感器、处理器和镜头在后来的几代中都得到了改进,但原始 RX100 的图像质量仍然保持得很好。它的 2000 万像素传感器在当时是遥遥领先的。

Although the sensor, processor, and lens have been improved in subsequent generations, the image quality of the original rx100 remains good. Its 20 megapixel sensor was far ahead at the time.


Who is it? Photographers want more than just smartphones in their pockets, and they don’t need the fastest performance or the best video quality.

索尼 Sony RX100 II

Sony rx100 II

考虑到历史原因,我们将这款机型包括在内,因为它似乎已经不能再买新的了。索尼仅用了 12 个月的时间就发布了第二代 RX100,并恰当地命名为 RX100 II。在当今的升级文化中,这是传统相机寿命的一半。那么,随着一年的分离,RX100 II 有什么新的?

For historical reasons, we include this model because it seems that it can no longer buy a new one. It took Sony just 12 months to release the second generation rx100, properly named the rx100 II. In today’s upgraded culture, it’s half the life of a traditional camera. So, what’s new with the separation of rx100 II for one year?

索尼提高了 ISO 标准,将范围扩大到 160- 12800,接近当时最好的全画幅相机。这当然让它在弱光下拍摄更有吸引力,但不要太兴奋:它仍然是一个 1 英寸的传感器,它只能做这么多。不要期望在如此高的 ISOs 中图像质量会非常出色。

Sony raised the ISO standard to 160-12800, close to the best full frame camera of the time. That certainly makes it more attractive to shoot in low light, but don’t get too excited: it’s still a one inch sensor, and it can only do so much. Don’t expect the image quality to be excellent in such a high ISOs.

现在的 LCD 是一个 90 度的铰接屏幕,这让射击者在从尴尬的低角度拍摄静态或视频时更加灵活。索尼还增加了一个热鞋,允许用户使用外接的闪光灯,给他们提供了更多创造性的照明对象的选择。

Today’s LCD is a 90 degree hinged screen, which makes shooters more flexible when shooting static or video from awkward low angles. Sony also added a hot shoe that allows users to use an external flash, giving them a more creative choice of lighting objects.

然而,这个特性不会持续太久。RX100 II 是整个系列中唯一一款以热鞋为特色的机型(尽管索尼在 2020 年将其带回 ZV-1)。

However, this feature won’t last long. The rx100 II is the only one in the series that features hot shoes (although Sony will bring it back to the zv-1 in 2020).

RX100 II 比原来的稍微大了一点,也重了一点,但是增加的部分太小了,用肉眼和肉眼都看不见,用手也感觉不到。

The rx100 II is a little larger and heavier than the original, but the added part is too small to be seen by the naked eye and the naked eye, and can not be felt by hand.

内置 Wi-Fi 无疑是最有吸引力的升级之一。能够快速传输文件并将其发布到网上,对于总是在移动的摄影师来说是完美的。

Built in Wi Fi is undoubtedly one of the most attractive upgrades. The ability to quickly transfer files and post them to the web is perfect for photographers who are always on the move.

索尼 Sony RX100 III

Sony rx100 III

RX100 III 有点奇怪。好消息是,索尼为这款相机配备了新的 Bionz X 处理器,与当时其高端相机使用的硬件相同。它还增加了一个弹出式电子取景器,直到今天还在使用(不过,分辨率只有 144 万像素,后来的相机提高了这一点)。但令人失望的是,它仍然没有把最快的快门速度提高到 1/2000 秒以上,也没有改善爆光模式。电池寿命实际上变得更差了。

The rx100 III is a little strange. The good news is that Sony has equipped the camera with a new BIONZ X processor, the same hardware used in its high-end cameras at the time. It also added a pop-up electronic viewfinder that is still in use today (however, the resolution was only 1.44 megapixels, which was improved by later cameras). But disappointingly, it still doesn’t increase the fastest shutter speed to more than 1 / 2000 seconds, nor does it improve the exposure mode. Battery life is actually getting worse.

索尼也对镜头进行了重新设计,但做了一些调整,使它的通用性降低了,最大长焦距从 100 毫米降到了 70 毫米。f/1.8-2.8 变量最大孔径不变。然而,原来的镜头并不是最好的,新型号的镜头提高了锐度。它还添加了一个完整的中性密度(ND)滤镜,同时有助于在非常明亮的场景中进行曝光,以保持视频的平滑,或者弥补相对较慢的 1/2000 秒的最大快门速度。许多摄影师认为这是一个值得的交换额外的 30 毫米。

Sony also redesigned the lens, but made some adjustments to make it less versatile, with the maximum long focal length reduced from 100 mm to 70 mm. The maximum aperture of F / 1.8-2.8 is constant. However, the original lens is not the best, and the new model has improved sharpness. It also adds a full neutral density (nd) filter and helps exposure in very bright scenes to keep the video smooth or compensate for the relatively slow 1 / 2000 second maximum shutter speed. Many photographers think it’s a worthwhile swap for the extra 30mm.

摄像师也有另一个升级的理由,那就是可以拍摄 120 帧/秒的慢动作内容,最长可录 30 分钟。液晶显示屏的清晰度从 90 度提高到 180 度,给用户带来了更多的灵活性(耶,自拍!)

Cameramen also have another reason to upgrade, that is, they can shoot slow motion content at 120 frames per second for up to 30 minutes. The clarity of LCD is increased from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, which brings more flexibility to users (yeah, selfie!)

索尼 Sony RX100 IV

Sony rx100 IV

2015 年,索尼推出了 RX100 IV——这是一款大家伙。

In 2015, Sony launched the rx100 IV – it’s a big guy.

索尼推出了一款可选的电子快门,可以达到 1/32000 秒。除此之外,连续拍摄也从 10 帧/秒提升到令人印象深刻的 16 帧/秒。

Sony has introduced an optional electronic shutter that can reach 1 / 32000 seconds. In addition, continuous shooting has gone from 10 FPs to an impressive 16 FPS.

电子取景器的清晰度和细节也有所提高,分辨率增加了一倍多,达到 236 万点。此外还有一种新的传感器:索尼在 RX100 IV 上推出了第一款“堆叠”传感器,不过分辨率没有变化。堆叠的设计提高了性能,帮助实现快速连续的拍摄速度。

The resolution of the electronic viewfinder has more than doubled to 2.36 million points. In addition, there is a new sensor: Sony has introduced the first “stack” sensor on the rx100 IV, but the resolution has not changed. Stack design improves performance and helps achieve fast and continuous shooting speed.

录像制作者也有了很大的进步。索尼从全高清发展到 4K(尽管限制为 5 分钟的剪辑长度),现在还提供 960 帧/秒的慢动作捕捉(分辨率明显降低)。

Video producers have also made great progress. Sony has moved from full HD to 4K (although limited to a 5-minute clip length) and now offers 960 FPS slow motion capture (significantly reduced resolution).

令人沮丧的是,所有这些额外的性能意味着 RX100 IV 的电池寿命是该系列中最差的,只有 280 次拍摄。

Frustratingly, all this extra performance means that the rx100 IV has the worst battery life in the series, with only 280 shots.

它是谁?对快速行动有更多兴趣的摄影师,和想要 4K 拍摄体验的摄像师。

Who is it? Photographers who are more interested in fast action, and photographers who want a 4K shooting experience.

索尼 Sony RX100 V (and VA)

Sony rx100 V (and VA)


The fifth part of this now very popular series gives a further impetus.

一段时间以来,索尼一直是自动对焦领域的行业领导者。与之前的型号不同,rx100v 配备了相位检测自动对焦和 315 个传感器自动对焦点——这在当时是一个大问题。突发模式也有了重大的飞跃,相机现在能够拍摄高达 24 帧。但除此之外,几乎一切都保持不变。

Sony has been the industry leader in autofocus for some time. Unlike previous models, the rx100v was equipped with phase detection autofocus and 315 sensors auto focus – a big problem at the time. Burst mode has also taken a big leap forward, with cameras now able to shoot up to 24 frames. But beyond that, almost everything remains the same.

遗憾的是,更好的性能和技术给电池带来了更大的压力。索尼还没有找到解决的办法,结果电池寿命又变短了。V 型相机只拍摄了 220 张照片。

Unfortunately, better performance and technology put more pressure on the battery. Sony hasn’t found a solution yet. As a result, the battery life is getting shorter. The v-camera took only 220 pictures.

然后,两年后,索尼推出了 RX100 VA——我们不完全确定原因。在这么长的时间里,这是一次平庸的升级,更奇怪的是,它是在 RX100 VI 推出之后(见下文)。VA 基本上就是 V 应该有的样子,因此,索尼停止了 V——第一款遭遇这种命运的 RX100 相机。

Then, two years later, Sony launched the rx100 VA – we’re not entirely sure why. It’s been a mediocre upgrade for such a long time, and oddly enough, it came after the launch of the rx100 VI (see below). VA is basically what V should look like, so Sony stopped V, the first rx100 camera to encounter this fate.

VA 确实带来了一些小的但很受欢迎的改进,包括在连续拍摄模式下为长时间拍摄提供了一个更深的图像缓冲,以及 RX100 VI 中新的更容易使用的菜单系统。

VA does bring a few small but welcome improvements, including a deeper image buffer for long shots in continuous mode, and a new, easier to use menu system in rx100 VI.


Who is it? Those who are frustrated with the auto focus capability of the pocket camera.

索尼 Sony RX100 VI

Sony rx100 VI

当 RX100 VI 问世时,很明显索尼正慢慢地开始优先考虑视频。VI 将 HDR 带到了视频中,允许射击者在他们的镜头中发现更多的动态范围。然而,视频录制性能保持不变,4K 在 30 帧每秒。

When the rx100 VI came out, it was clear that Sony was slowly starting to prioritize video. VI brings HDR to the video, allowing shooters to find more dynamic range in their shots. However, video recording performance remains unchanged at 4K at 30 frames per second.

这并不是说摄影师完全被遗忘了。第六代 RX100 配备了新的镜头。索尼把它变成了一个固定的长焦镜头,焦距为 24-200mm。然而,这种增加的通用性是以牺牲光敏度为代价的,宽端最大光圈缩小到 f/2.8,远摄端缩小到 f/4.5。

This is not to say that the photographer has been completely forgotten. The sixth generation rx100 is equipped with a new lens. Sony turned it into a fixed telephoto lens with a focal length of 24-200 mm. However, this increase in versatility comes at the expense of photosensitivity. The maximum aperture at the wide end is reduced to f / 2.8 and the telephoto to f / 4.5.

这就是为什么一些客户更喜欢使用老款 RX100 相机的主要原因;如果你经常在低光下拍摄,尤其是在室内,大光圈比长焦镜头更可取。

This is the main reason why some customers prefer to use the old rx100 camera; if you often shoot in low light, especially indoors, a large aperture is preferable to a telephoto lens.


Who is it? Photographers and cameramen with long zoom on a compact fuselage.

索尼 Sony RX100 VII

Sony rx100 VII

我们已经到达最新版本的 RX100 行- RX100 VII。RX100 VII 于 2019 年夏天发布,无疑是迄今为止最好的相机版本,但其传感器和镜头组合与 VI 相同。

We have reached the latest version of the rx100 line – rx100 VII. The rx100 VII, released in the summer of 2019, is undoubtedly the best camera version to date, but it has the same sensor and lens combination as the vi.

从索尼无反光镜相机借来的实时跟踪和实时眼自动对焦等令人兴奋的新功能首次亮相傻瓜相机。增加了更多的自动对焦点,从 315 增加到 357。

Exciting new features such as real-time tracking and real-time eye autofocus, borrowed from Sony’s mirror less camera, are making their debut in point and shoot cameras. Added more auto focus from 315 to 357.

电池续航时间有所提高,但仅与 RX100 IV 的更新型号相比,RX100 IV 目前提供 260 次曝光。对于摄像师来说,首次引入麦克风接口是一个非常受欢迎的举措。

Battery life has been improved, but only compared to the updated model of the rx100 IV, which currently provides 260 exposures. For photographers, the introduction of the microphone interface for the first time is a very popular move.

当然,它也是最贵的 RX100 相机。仅这一点就将它保留在一个相对较小的客户群体中。

Of course, it’s also the most expensive rx100 camera. This alone keeps it in a relatively small customer base.


Who is it? Someone wants the best, the best, uncompromising.

哪款 RX100 相机适合你?

Which rx100 camera is right for you?

我们很难在 2020 年推荐最初的 RX100,但它只需要 400 美元。这是一款不错的相机,电池续航时间也是同类产品中最好的,但在其他任何方面,这款原始相机都无法与之匹敌。

It’s hard to recommend the original rx100 in 2020, but it only costs $400. It’s a good camera and the best battery life of its kind, but in any other way, the original camera can’t match it.

虽然 RX100 VII 是最先进的,但即使钱不是问题,也至少有一个理由选择老款:更亮的镜头。RX100 III、IV 和 VA(以及新的 ZV-1)都使用相同的 24-70mm f/1.8-2.8 镜头。不仅光圈更大,而且内置了 ND 滤镜,这是 VI 和 VII 的 24-200mm 镜头所没有的。

Although the rx100 VII is state-of-the-art, even if money is not a problem, there is at least one reason to choose the old model: brighter lenses. The rx100 III, IV and VA (as well as the new zv-1) all use the same 24-70mm f / 1.8-2.8 lens. It not only has a larger aperture, but also has a built-in ND filter, which is not available in the 24-200 mm lenses of VI and VII.

由于自动对焦的改进,我们建议摄影师坚持使用 rx100va 及更新的相机。对于摄像师来说,我们不推荐比 RX100 IV 更老的机型,RX100 IV 推出了 4K,但如果你依赖自动对焦,你可能会坚持使用 VA,而且要注意,只有 VII 支持外接麦克风。

Due to the improvement of autofocus, we recommend that the photographer stick to rx100va and newer cameras. For cameramen, we don’t recommend older models than the rx100 IV. The rx100 IV has introduced 4K, but if you rely on autofocus, you may insist on using VA, and note that only VII supports external microphone.

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