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Chinese-English Translation:


Improve personal data, enhance credibility, pay attention to other people, and then publish high-quality works, write good titles, rub hot spots and other ways. You can even buy Fan headlines to attract fans’ attention. You can also go to the live room to brush gifts to boost fans and send stories to absorb powder, so as to ensure the quality of hair and attract people’s attention.


Improve personal data, enhance credibility, improve the opportunity to be noticed. Pay a lot of attention to others, so others will pay attention to themselves. Of course, you can also brush gifts, drain other places, and even buy fans’ attention through some platforms.


Kwai Kwai is gaining popularity. It is better to play fast and make your work more visible. The premise is to have traffic and get fans. This involves many ways to increase the powder and powder. For example, you can shoot some high-quality works, and the title is also important. The title should be featured and attract people’s attention. Besides, it can also be done by squatting hot spots. The specific content is as follows:


1. Shooting high quality works


The Kwai Fu official will take the initiative to push himself to shoot high-quality works. The content is king. When we shoot the works, we must consider the elements that can resonate with fans. As long as the works are of high quality, the popular ones will rise quickly and accurately. High quality works must be quick weapons and real Kwai fans. For example, Britney Spears, Chengdu, quick brother Kwai San, all used the short video creation point to detonate the topic, and quickly rose millions of dollars.


If your appearance is not outstanding, the story is also a means, it can let you quickly harvest a large number of fans, you need to have a talent for acting, the expression is exaggerated, funny enough, and the copywriting should be interesting, in order to get the favor of netizens.


2. Title


To produce a good drainage effect, it is necessary to pay more attention to the title and guidance. Be sure to write the title! If you don’t know what to write, watch a few popular videos, and you will know how to operate the title!


3. Social platform transfer


As a Kwai Fu social platform, when thinking about how to increase fans, we should first consider the social platform. If we had ever run a social platform before, when we had the user resources accumulated from the media platform such as micro-blog, WeChat and other social platforms, then the transfer of fans from these social platforms can rapidly increase the amount of video playing.


4. Rub hot spots


It is the heat of rubbing red, especially the fast Kwai red heat. For users, the familiarity of fast Kwai net is relatively high. It is easy to get popular on the topic of net red. And then in order to show their best talent, let everyone remember themselves.


As long as the imitation of a certain online Red related content, even if it is a picture, an action, a gesture, the probability of being popular is very large. We should pay more attention to hot topics and add these hot elements to our works.


matters needing attention:


1. Don’t violate the rules, or you’ll be restricted. You’ll have congenital defects. Don’t advertise in the main introduction, and don’t include advertisements in videos. Don’t be too wrong with your avatar. All of these will be restricted,


2. Then the later operation depends on the quality of the work. There are many ways to get rid of the watermarked photos.

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