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The fastest way to improve keyword ranking is to bid. In addition, you can also use some fast ranking software to increase the number of key hits through each other to improve ranking.


The fastest way to improve keyword ranking is to bid, but bidding costs money. The normal optimization is too slow. We can use some fast ranking software to increase the number of key hits through each other to improve the ranking.


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How to improve the ranking of keywords? What should we pay attention to?


1、 Analyze the key requirements of this keyword


For the analysis of this keyword, you can use Baidu’s relevant data as a reference; if the page is optimized with multiple keywords, you need to consider whether to eliminate them; if the difference is too large, it is recommended to temporarily remove the words that are not related to the optimization of the main keyword. It is also possible that the title of user’s most concerned demand is not written, but the web page provides the content to solve the demand. You can try a variety of ways to test, or you can see what the top three stations provide to meet the needs of users.


2、 Page title fine tuning

很多 SEOer 认为标题是不动的,动了之后关键词排名就会马上掉。也认为修改页面标题是 seo 大忌所以未曾往这方面想过。快商通的小编认为,微调是为了让该页面的关键词排名更好所以才需要做相应的调整,当然是微调不是全换。需要通过收集相关数据得出的结果,比方说,页面需要增加关键词,不仅满足用户对机器人客服需求,而且对该关键词排名也起了互助的作用。

Many SEOER think that the title is fixed, and the keyword ranking will drop immediately after moving. I also think that modifying the page title is SEO taboo, so I never thought about it. According to the editor of fastcom, fine-tuning is to make the keyword ranking of the page better, so corresponding adjustment is needed, of course, whether the fine-tuning is full change. The results need to be obtained by collecting relevant data, for example, the page needs to add keywords, which not only meets the user’s demand for robot customer service, but also plays a mutual role in the keyword ranking.


3、 By keyword interaction

如果主关键词一直在 2-3 页,不妨尝试互点。通过互点增加关键词点击次数从而提升排名。快速排名也是基于同样的原理,在互点的时候需要根据关键词搜索地区找相对应人进行互点。

If the main keywords are always on page 2-3, try to interact. Increase the number of keyword clicks through the interaction points to improve the ranking. Fast ranking is also based on the same principle. When searching for each other, you need to find the corresponding person according to the keyword search area.

需要注意几个小点:1.互点时的 IP 与主关键词搜索地域要求一致 2.每次点击前需要清理浏览器 cookie 3.用户进入网页后可随意点击页面 4.每浏览一个页面需要拉动网页滚动条

There are several points to note: 1. The IP address of the interaction point is consistent with the search area requirements of the main keywords; 2. The cookie of the browser needs to be cleaned before each click; 3. The user can click the page at will after entering the web page; 4. The scroll bar of the web page needs to be pulled for each page to be browsed


4、 Promotion through Baidu bidding

如果你的站点有开通竞价推广,那么就可以借助竞价来提升。将该关键词列入某个计划中投 3-5 天看看排名是否有变化,一般情况下竞价投放后排名会上首页!站点没有开通竞价可忽略这一点。

If your site has open bidding promotion, then you can use bidding to improve. List this keyword in a plan for 3-5 days to see if there is any change in the ranking. In general, the ranking will be on the homepage after bidding! This can be ignored if the site does not open bidding.


5、 External link import

可以去发布一些高质量的外链,要求收录快的平台。使用多样性锚文本链接。或者适当购买一些单项链接,要求权重 3-4 以内或者更高都可以。至于链接的质量自行把控。

Can go to release some high-quality outside the chain, requirements include fast platform. Use diversity anchor text links. Or purchase some single links appropriately, and the weight should be within 3-4 or higher. As for the quality of the link, we will control it by ourselves.


6、 Check whether the website is hung


If the previous keyword ranking is on the home page, but after a period of time, the ranking will decline or disappear. You can check whether the site’s collection and space have been intruded and hung a lot of information or advertisements. Clean up the relevant page ranking will be restored after a period of time.


7、 Whether the website jump out rate is too high

可以通过百度统计或者 cnzz 查看下网站跳出率情况,如果跳出率达到 80%以上说明网站内容质量有待提升,重点可投向站内优化工作。

Baidu statistics or cnzz can be used to check the jump out rate of the website. If the jump out rate reaches more than 80%, it means that the quality of the website content needs to be improved, and the focus can be put on the optimization work in the station.

八、nofollow 掉不必要的链接

8、 Nofollow drop unnecessary links

如果该页面有大量的图片或者有很多不相关的内容,可使用 nofollow 进行屏蔽集权与该页面,然而提升该关键词排名。 总之,不必过多的将精力放在首页的关键词流量。搜索引擎关注的是原创度、用户体验度,如果过多关注首页而不在内页文章上下功夫,会事倍功半,最好的策略是关注好每一篇你的文章关键词使用。

If the page has a large number of pictures or a lot of irrelevant content, you can use nofollow to block the centralization and the page, but improve the keyword ranking. In a word, you don’t need to pay too much attention to the keyword traffic on the homepage. Search engines focus on originality and user experience. If you pay too much attention to the home page and don’t work hard on the inner page articles, you will get twice the result. The best strategy is to pay attention to the use of keywords in each article.

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