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Chinese-English Translation:

Chrome OS 的网络应用程序和 Android 应用程序之间,你可以在 chromebook 上做很多事情。然而,对于那些一直使用基于 windows 的产品的人来说,这可能不是一个平稳的过渡。你可能会错过 Windows 的一些功能。或者,也许你只是怀念熟悉的 Windows。

Between Chrome OS’s web app and android app, you can do a lot of things on chrome ebook. However, for those who have been using Windows based products, this may not be a smooth transition. You may miss some features of windows. Or maybe you just miss the familiar windows.

你可能没有想到这是可能的,但你有一些不同的选择来为你的 Chrome 操作系统带来一些 Windows 的好处。有很多方法可以做到这一点,我们可以告诉你去哪里。下面是如何在 Chromebook 上使用 Windows。

You may not think it’s possible, but you have different options to bring some windows benefits to your chrome operating system. There are many ways to do this, and we can tell you where to go. Here’s how to use windows on chromebook.


Before you start

在开始这次冒险之前,有几个重要的事项需要注意:在 Chromebook 上安装并运行 Windows。最重要的是,搞乱操作系统、固件和 BIOS 会对系统造成严重影响。在开始之前,您需要备份计算机上的任何重要数据。

Before starting this adventure, there are several important things to note: install and run windows on chromebook. Most importantly, messing up the operating system, firmware, and BIOS can have a serious impact on the system. Before you start, you need to back up any important data on your computer.

如果确实发生了什么事情,你发现自己无法使用 Chromebook,你可以从另一台电脑上创建一个 USB 驱动器来尝试恢复系统。这将擦除您的所有数据,所以请确保备份任何没有保存到谷歌驱动器。

If something does happen and you find yourself unable to use chromebook, you can create a USB drive from another computer to try to recover the system. This will erase all of your data, so make sure that any backups are not saved to Google drives.


In that case, let’s start with the first (and simplest) method.


Method 1. Free online application

如果你主要对从 Office 套件中访问应用程序感兴趣,而不太关心 Windows 10 上提供的其他应用程序,那么这是迄今为止最简单的选择,你可以直接在 Chrome 浏览器上使用。

If you’re primarily interested in accessing apps from the office suite, and don’t care much about the other apps available on Windows 10, this is by far the easiest option, and you can use it directly on the Chrome browser.

第一步:启动 Chrome 浏览器,浏览这个微软网站。

Step 1: Launch chrome and browse the Microsoft website.

第二步:在这里您将看到 Office 在线应用程序的选择。基本上,微软知道某些核心应用对于专业人士和学生来说非常重要,所以他们希望人们能够从任何操作系统访问它们。这就是为什么他们为 Word、Excel、PowerPoint、Sway、Mail、Calendar、OneDrive 等提供免费的在线应用程序。

Step 2: Here you will see the selection of office online applications. Basically, Microsoft knows that some core applications are very important for professionals and students, so they want people to be able to access them from any operating system. That’s why they offer free online applications for word, Excel, PowerPoint, sway, mail, calendar, onedrive, and more.

第三步:选择你想要使用的应用程序。一个版本将在你的 Chrome 浏览器中打开,你将能够开始使用它。请注意,这些在线版本并不具备 Office 365 所具备的所有功能。然而,它们应该为大多数目的工作。

Step 3: choose the application you want to use. A version will open in your Chrome browser and you will be able to start using it. Note that these online versions do not have all the features that office 365 does. However, they should work for most purposes.

方法二、Chrome 远程桌面

Method 2: Chrome remote desktop

Chrome 远程桌面是一个扩展,它允许你在使用 Chromebook 的同时访问另一个桌面。有点像虚拟机,这将打开一个窗口,显示您可以使用的完全不同的操作系统。这个方法的关键——也是需要注意的地方——是您需要另一台连接到 internet 的 Windows 10 机器。这是唯一可行的方法。显然,这在一些 Chromebook 的情况下是不可能的,但如果你有一台 Windows 电脑,这是一个有效的解决方案。

Chrome remote desktop is an extension that allows you to access another desktop while using chrome book. It’s a bit like a virtual machine, which opens a window that shows the completely different operating systems you can use. The key to this approach – and what you need to pay attention to – is that you need another windows 10 machine connected to the Internet. This is the only way to do it. Obviously, this is not possible in the case of some chromebooks, but if you have a Windows computer, this is an effective solution.

第一步:浏览 Chrome 网络商店,在 Chromebook 上下载 Chrome 远程桌面扩展。然后,打开你的 Windows 电脑,打开你的 Chrome 浏览器,确保它以同样的能力更新。

Step 1: browse the chrome online store and download the chrome remote desktop extension from the chrome book. Then, open your Windows computer, open your Chrome browser, and make sure it’s updated with the same capabilities.

第二步:在你的 Windows 电脑上启动,转到你的 Chrome 应用程序,选择 Chrome 远程桌面,然后选择“开始”。从这里,选择分享。这将创建一个访问代码,并要求您定义要连接到的计算机。把代码通过电子邮件发给你自己,这样你就会记住它。

Step 2: start on your Windows computer, go to your chrome app, choose chrome remote desktop, and then choose start. From here, choose share. This creates an access code and asks you to define the computer to connect to. Email the code to yourself so you can remember it.

第三步:现在切换到 Chromebook。启动 Chrome 远程桌面——这次它应该会看到你的 Windows 电脑作为一个选项来选择和连接。选择它,并输入您自己发送的访问代码。然后单击连接。

Step 3: now switch to chromebook. Launch chrome remote desktop – this time it should see your Windows computer as an option to choose and connect. Select it and enter the access code you sent yourself. Then click Connect.


Note: This is a very good remote desktop application, but the remote desktop solution still has its drawbacks. They are highly dependent on Internet connections, sometimes with delays. If you have a high-speed network connection between your computers, this is the best.


Method 3. Cross

CodeWeavers 开发的 CrossOver 是一款软件解决方案,允许用户在其他操作系统上运行特定的 OS 应用程序。多亏了最新的更新,现在你可以在 Chromebook 上运行 Windows 应用了。在你兴奋起来之前,在继续前进之前,有几件事要记住。首先,需要注意的是 Chrome OS 版本仍在测试阶段。你可以尝试一下,但在一段时间内,它并不能保证没有 bug 和简单易用。

Crossover developed by Codeweavers is a software solution that allows users to run specific OS applications on other operating systems. Thanks to the latest updates, you can now run Windows apps on chromebook. Before you get excited and move on, there are a few things to remember. First of all, it should be noted that the Chrome OS version is still under test. You can try it, but for a while, it’s not guaranteed to be bug free and easy to use.

第二个问题是,由于涉及的软件需求,这个下载不会对每个人都可用。具体来说,你只能在基于英特尔处理器的 chromebook 上运行它,如果你想使用任何 Android 设备或应用程序,它们必须与 Android 5 兼容。x 或更高版本。此外,某些功能,如鼠标锁定(经常在 FPS 游戏中使用)也不会起作用。

The second problem is that the download will not be available to everyone because of the software requirements involved. Specifically, you can only run it on the Intel processor based chrome ebook, and if you want to use any Android device or application, they must be compatible with Android 5. X or later. In addition, some functions, such as mouse locking, which is often used in FPS games, do not work.


The good news is that because the software is currently in the testing phase, it can be tried for free. Here’s what you need to do:

1.前往谷歌播放,选择安装交叉 Chrome OS 测试版。这将在您的仪表板上安装一个由两个半圆形组成的新图标。当你点击它时,确保允许它访问你的 Chromebook 上的媒体和文件。

1. Go to Google to play and choose to install cross Chrome OS beta. This will install a new icon consisting of two semicircles on your dashboard. When you click on it, be sure to allow it access to the media and files on your chromebook.


2. Make sure to copy the application’s installation files to the download folder, even if it is currently not working.

3.当交叉启动时,搜索 Windows 软件最简单的方法是使用窗口顶部的搜索栏,输入你想要使用的名字。像 Quicken 这样的软件,以及 DirectX 应用程序都可以工作,所以搜索你想要的任何东西。

3. When cross starting, the easiest way to search for Windows software is to use the search bar at the top of the window and enter the name you want to use. Software like Quicken, as well as DirectX applications, works, so search for anything you want.


4. In many cases, you can confirm the software you want, cross will start the installation process without any trouble. In some cases, you may have to select the correct installation file from the list, so pay close attention to the file name and make sure that the file you want is selected. At this point, you may also have to agree to a license agreement and similar contracts.

步骤 5:安装完成后,您应该能够直接启动安装。请记住,大型程序将占用大量空间,并非所有 chromebook 都有这样的空间。幸运的是,有一些方法可以在 Chromebook 上使用 Android 应用程序并节省空间。

Step 5: after the installation is complete, you should be able to start the installation directly. Keep in mind that large programs take up a lot of space, not all chrome ebooks do. Fortunately, there are ways to use Android applications on chromebook and save space.

Google 失落的项目 Campfire

Google’s lost project campfire

几年来,谷歌似乎一直在研究一种跨平台的方法,让 Chromebook 用户可以在 Chromebook 上运行 Windows 10。在谷歌的 Chrome OS 代码中找到了对“AltOS”的引用,而“Project Campfire”似乎正致力于将两种操作系统结合在一起。

For several years, Google seems to have been working on a cross platform approach that allows chrome Book users to run Windows 10 on chrome books. A reference to “Altos” was found in Google’s Chrome OS code, and “project campfire” seems to be working to bring the two operating systems together.

不幸的是,最新发现的信息表明,谷歌在 2018 年末停止了这个项目,目前也没有重启的计划。AltOS 和双启动的可能性现在看起来不太可能,至少作为一个谷歌项目是这样。的原因吗?运行 Windows 10 需要的资源比 Chrome OS 多得多。可能只有像 Pixebook 这样的高端 chromebook 才能处理它,这就是为什么谷歌可能认为不值得这么做,至少现在是这样。然而,如果你也使用 Linux, Chromebook 支持 Linux 已经更新,现在通过 Crouton 更容易,所以这是一个潜在的替代方案。

Unfortunately, the latest information shows that Google stopped the project at the end of 2018 and has no plans to restart it. Altos and the possibility of dual booting now seem unlikely, at least as a Google project. Why? Running Windows 10 requires a lot more resources than Chrome OS. Maybe only high-end chrome ebooks like pixebook can handle it, which is why Google may not think it’s worth it, at least for now. However, if you also use Linux, chrome book support for Linux has been updated, and now it’s easier to use crouton, so this is a potential alternative.

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