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Chinese-English Translation:


It is the most basic condition to add the original number to the tiktok fans, rather than to take the video and make the video. The account positioning directly determines the account’s powder raising speed, cashing method, how much money it makes, the difficulty of making money, and the effect of drainage, as well as the content layout and account layout.


Starting from a new voice, whether it’s a personal number or an enterprise number, we first need to locate the original number and shoot the video instead of moving it. Tiktok is the most basic requirement.


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The account positioning directly determines the speed of our powder increase, the way of realization, how much money we make, the difficulty of making money, and the effect of drainage, as well as our content layout and account layout.


1、 Creative content


Tiktok as a tiktok video content platform tiktok, of course, wants to get the traffic distribution of the center of the jitter, and the contents of the jitter must be in line with the essence of the quality content. Many people feel toxic when they touch the tiktok. If a brush can be painted for hours, how can we ensure the user’s stickiness without high-quality creative content?


The seven emotions and six sensory pleasures and five tiktok six tiktok are the key to the content of the content.


Two, tiktok friend interaction

抖音一推出业内人士就认定这是一个社交属性很强的 app,从抖音的运营策略就可以看出,抖音要做的是一场以发布者内容为原始素材,全民参与加工的内容交流与互动,所以如果想增加抖音粉丝的数量,多多参与抖友的互动和评论,可以积累用户的关注。

Tiktok is tiktok tiktok, which is recognized as a highly social app. From the operational strategy of jitter, we can see that the voice is to be a content exchange and interaction with the publisher’s content as the raw material, and the whole people participate in processing. If you want to increase the number of fans, you can accumulate the attention of users tiktok’s interaction and comments.


3、 Participate in topic activities


When it comes to the increase of users’ attention, of course, the exposure of short video is indispensable. Only when the exposure increases, many people can see it, and then guide users to pay attention. Here is a special thing to tiktok, which is to participate in the topic of activity. The traffic volume is not to be underestimated. The effect of adding flour is also good.

特别是一些很容易引起共鸣的话题,比如抖音前段时间很火的话题主题,N 多人都在拍,万人带你看陕西摔碗酒,万人一起跳 C 哩 C 哩舞、海草舞等等。

In particular, there are some topics that are easy to arouse resonance. For example, the topic of fire is very hot. N is taking pictures. Thousands of people show you tiktok in Shaanxi, and ten thousand people jump C miles C mile, seaweed dance and so on.


4、 Mutual powder mutual push

不管是草根还是大 V,互粉互推对于抖音快速增粉效果还是挺不错的,刚开始做的时候可以在类似抖音互粉 QQ 群这样的渠道互粉互推,当你粉丝积累到了一定的量的时候再找跟你粉丝差不多级别的人互推。草根和大 V 在做互推互粉的时候,唯一的差别是量级不同而已,策略还是一样的。互粉作为曾经快速增加微博粉丝的最好方法之一,现在用来做抖音其实效果经过测试,目前官方还没有果断的限制,所以大家要做的话可以大力去做。

Tiktok or big V, the mutual promotion of tiktok is still very good for the rapid increase of the sound. When you start to do it, you can push each other in the channel like QQ group like jitter and QQ group. When you have accumulated a certain amount of fans, you can find someone who is almost the same level as your fans. The only difference between grassroots and big v when they are doing mutual push and mutual powder is the difference in magnitude, and the strategy is the same. Tiktok is one of the best ways to increase micro-blog fans quickly. Now it is used to do the jute. After testing, the official has not yet made any decisive restrictions, so we can do it vigorously.


5、 Social platform diversion


Tiktok as a strong social attribute, you think about how to increase the chattering fans quickly. First, you should associate with the social platform. If you have previously done social networking, when you have social platform such as micro-blog, WeChat and other media users, tiktok will greatly increase the efficiency of the powder adding. And effects.

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