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Chinese-English Translation:


Enterprise wechat is an enterprise communication and office tool created by Tencent wechat team. It has the same communication experience with wechat, rich OA applications, and the ability to connect wechat ecology, which can help enterprises connect with internal, ecological partners and consumers. Professional cooperation, security management, people as a service.

企业微信是腾讯微信团队打造的企业通讯与办公工具,具有与微信一致的沟通体验,丰富的 OA 应用,和连接微信生态的能力,可帮助企业连接内部、连接生态伙伴、连接消费者。专业协作、安全管理、人即服务。

Enterprise wechat is an enterprise communication and office tool created by Tencent’s wechat team. It has the same communication experience with wechat, rich OA applications, and the ability to connect wechat ecology, which can help enterprises connect internal, ecological partners, and consumers. Professional cooperation, security management, people as a service.

目前企业微信已覆盖零售、教育、金融、制造业、互联网、医疗等 50 多个行业,正持续向各行各业输出智慧解决方案。

At present, wechat has covered more than 50 industries, such as retail, education, finance, manufacturing, Internet, medical, etc., and is continuously exporting smart solutions to all walks of life.


development history

2016 年 4 月 18 日,企业微信 1.0 版本上线,连接企业内部每个人

On April 18, 2016, the enterprise wechat version 1.0 went online, connecting everyone in the enterprise

2017 年 6 月 29 日,企业微信 2.0 版本上线,连接企业内部办公系统

On June 29, 2017, wechat version 2.0 of the enterprise went online, connecting the internal office system of the enterprise

2017 年,企业微信开放生态,连接生态伙伴

In 2017, wechat opened up the ecosystem and connected ecological partners

2018 年 3 月,企业微信与微信消息互通内测

In March 2018, enterprise wechat and wechat message interworking internal test

2018 年 8 月,企业微信开放硬件接口,为企业提供软硬一体的解决方案

In August 2018, wechat opened the hardware interface to provide the enterprise with a software and hardware integrated solution

2019 年 1 月,企业微信定制红包封面上线

In January 2019, the customized red envelope cover of enterprise wechat went online

2019 年 8 月,企业微信获得 SOC2Type2 报告

In August 2019, enterprise wechat obtained soc2type2 Report

2019 年 12 月 23 日,企业微信 3.0 版本上线,正式连接微信生态,优化效率工具

On December 23, 2019, the enterprise wechat version 3.0 went online, officially connected to wechat ecosystem, and optimized efficiency tools


major function


Professional enterprise communication tools


Enterprise address book – batch import unified management, convenient and quick contact with colleagues, powerful permission settings to meet various management needs


External business card – scan the code to add external contacts and communicate with the outside in a professional image


Multiple communication methods – consistent communication experience with wechat, supporting voice, picture, expression, email, public phone and other communication methods


Multi person audio and video conference – supporting document and telephone access during call, making remote conference more convenient


Work email – support multiple email access, receive email notification in real time, handle work email in time, convenient and efficient


Special office function – chat window can create to-do quickly and manage work efficiently


Receipt message – view the read and unread members of the message, and master the message arrival


Exclusive red envelope – only designated members can receive red envelopes, a good helper for staff motivation


Take a rest – after work, turn on the rest mode, message free


Picture annotation – support to add arrow, text and other annotations, with clearer problem description


Enterprise mobile office tools


Clock in – easy attendance on mobile phone, support fixed time clock in and out, flexible shift arrangement, free clock in and out


Approval – support to add user-defined approval template, set fixed approver and CC, and view application record


Reporting – employees report work progress through daily, weekly and monthly reports, and managers can easily view it on the mobile terminal


Enterprise payment – provide complete payment ability, enterprises can send red packets to employees, pay employees or collect money from employees in the enterprise wechat

公费电话—领取 1000 分钟公费电话时长,支持多人通话,方便与客户、同事电话沟通工作-缺少相关参考引用

Public call – 1000 minutes of public call, multi person call, convenient communication with customers and colleagues – lack of reference


Enterprise mailbox – obtain the enterprise mailbox with exclusive domain name, receive email notification in real time, query email in time and respond quickly.


Schedule – quickly invite colleagues to schedule, add work in chat to the schedule, and manage your own work schedule in the schedule. Support multi terminal synchronization and synchronization of mobile phone system calendar

会议—可随时随地发起和参与在线会议,支持 25 位同事同时参会。还可便捷演示文档和屏幕内容,并为主持人提供了一些管理功能

Meeting – online meeting can be initiated and participated anytime and anywhere, and 25 colleagues can attend the meeting at the same time. It is also convenient to demonstrate documents and screen contents, and provides some management functions for the host


Microdocuments – documents and forms that can be created by individuals or edited together with colleagues. Enterprises and creators can set internal and external access rights and document watermarks for documents. Real time update of document modification, sharing among colleagues without multiple transfers

微盘—免费 20G 的企业共享空间,文件修改实时同步,方便与同事共享文件。管理端支持成员操作审计,安全管理企业数据

Micro disk – free 20g enterprise space, real-time synchronization of file modification, convenient to share files with colleagues. The management side supports member operation audit and safety management of enterprise data


Wechat interworking


Customer contact – add a customer’s wechat as a friend, and provide services for customers through single chat or group chat. Enterprises can view and manage wechat customers added by members and reallocate customers of resigned members


Customer’s circle of friends – you can publish the activity information, product trends, professional knowledge and other contents to the customer’s wechat circle of friends, and interact with customer comments. Enterprises can create content uniformly and publish it to the friend circle of member customers

客户群—企业可查看并管理成员的客户群聊、对离职成员管理的群聊再分配。客户群人数最高可达 100

Customer group – an enterprise can view and manage the customer group chat of its members, and reallocate the group chat of its resigned members. Up to 100 customers


Applet – an enterprise can associate its own developed applet, or use the applet provided by the service provider, and configure it to the chat attachment bar or external information page of the workbench, external chat


Enterprise payment – the enterprise can not develop the collection and payment to external wechat users, but also to members or send red packets


Open ecology

开放 3 项独有能力

Open 3 unique capabilities


Connect wechat, support applet, support enterprise payment

开放 13 类 390 个接口

Open 390 interfaces in 13 categories

通讯录管理、外部联系人管理、身份验证、消息推送、素材管理、应用管理、小程序、OA 数据接口、企业支付、电子发票、硬件 SDK、移动端 SDK、应用授权

Address book management, external contact management, authentication, message push, material management, application management, applet, OA data interface, enterprise payment, electronic invoice, hardware SDK, Mobile SDK, application authorization

提供 8 项支持

Provide 8 supports


Qualification certification, customer lead, service reward, application / hardware / scheme recommendation, business model closed-loop, channel agent model, partner college, contact publicity

5 种合作模式

5 cooperation modes

标准应用模式—提供 SaaS 或私有化部署的标准应用

Standard application mode – provide standard application for SaaS or privatization deployment


Industry scheme mode – develop non-standard industry scheme and application for industry demand


Smart hardware mode – provide a smart office solution integrating software and hardware


Regional service mode – provide help and technical services for using enterprise wechat


Product sales mode – provide sales of wechat products and third-party products


Multiple security


·Three level certification of national network security level protection

·ISO20000 信息技术服务管理体系认证

·ISO20000 information technology service management system certification

·ISO27001 信息安全管理认证

·ISO27001 information security management certification

·IS027018 公有云个人信息安全认证

·Is027018 public cloud personal information security authentication

·SOC2Type1 服务审计报告

·Soc2type1 service audit report

·SOC2Type2 服务审计报告

·Soc2type2 service audit report


Privatization deployment


Flexible deployment

可部署在用户自己的服务器上,支持各种复杂的网络环境,与已有的 IT 基础设施有效融合

It can be deployed on users’ own servers to support various complex network environments and effectively integrate with existing IT infrastructure


Safe and controllable


Support end-to-end data encryption, provide flexible security management strategy, and obtain various national security certification.

与 SAAS 一致的功能体验

Functional experience consistent with SaaS

基础的沟通、组织管理、API 接口等能力与企业微信 SAAS 版本保持一致。

The basic communication, organization management, API interface and other capabilities are consistent with the enterprise wechat SaaS version.



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