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Chinese-English Translation:


Vipshop took the lead in creating a unique business model of special sale in China. With its “zero inventory” logistics management and seamless docking mode with e-commerce, vipshop was able to take root in the field of e-commerce in a short time. The main business is online sales of brand discount goods, covering famous clothing, shoes and bags, beauty makeup, mother and baby, home and other major categories.

唯品会信息科技有限公司(VIPS)成立于 2008 年 8 月,总部设在广州,旗下网站于同年 12 月 8 日上线。唯品会主营业务为互联网在线销售品牌折扣商品,涵盖名品服饰鞋包、美妆、母婴、居家等各大品类。2012 年 3 月 23 日,唯品会在美国纽约证券交易所(NYSE)上市。目前唯品会已成为中国第三大电商。唯品会 2018 年总净营收为人民币 845 亿元,同比增长 15.9%。唯品会 2019 年 Q3 净营收 196 亿元人民币,活跃用户数量达到 3200 万。截至 2019 年第三季度,唯品会已连续 28 个季度保持盈利。

VIPs Information Technology Co., Ltd. (VIPs) was founded in August 2008, with its headquarters in Guangzhou. Its website was launched on December 8 of the same year. Vipshop’s main business is online sales of brand discount goods, covering famous clothing, shoes and bags, beauty makeup, mother and baby, home and other major categories. On March 23, 2012, vipshop was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). At present, vipshop has become the third largest e-commerce in China. Vipshop’s total net revenue in 2018 was 84.5 billion yuan, up 15.9% year on year. Vipshop’s net revenue of Q3 in 2019 is 19.6 billion yuan, with 32 million active users. As of the third quarter of 2019, vipshop has been profitable for 28 consecutive quarters.

唯品会在中国开创了“名牌折扣+限时抢购+正品保障”的创新电商模式,并持续深化为“精选品牌+深度折扣+限时抢购”的正品特卖模式。这一模式被形象地誉为“线上奥特莱斯”。唯品会每天早上 10 点和晚上 8 点准时上线 500 多个正品品牌特卖,以低至 1 折的折扣实行 3 天限时抢购,为消费者带来高性价比的“网上逛街”的购物体验。

Vipshop has created an innovative e-commerce model of “famous brand discount + limited time rush purchase + genuine product guarantee” in China, and continues to deepen the model of “select brand + deep discount + limited time rush purchase”. The first mock exam is known as “online outlets”. Vipshop will launch more than 500 genuine brand specials on time at 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. every day. With a discount of as much as 10%, vipshop will implement three-day limited time rush purchase, bringing consumers a high cost-effective “online shopping” shopping experience.

2019 年,唯品会第三次上榜 BrandZ《最具品牌价值中国 100 强 》。在 BrandZ™《2017 年最具价值中国品牌 100 强》中,唯品会排名第 40 位,并获“最佳新晋中国品牌”称号。 2019 年 9 月,入选 2018 年零售百强名单。

In 2019, vipshop was listed on brandz’s top 100 most valuable brands in China for the third time. At brandz Gamma In the top 100 most valuable Chinese brands in 2017, vipshop ranked No. 40 and won the title of “best new Chinese brand”. In September 2019, it was selected into the list of top 100 retailers in 2018.

2019 年,德勤发布《2019 全球零售力量》报告,唯品会在进入榜单百强的同时,也在“全球 50 大增长最快零售商”排名中位居第二。

In 2019, Deloitte released the 2019 global retail power report, vipshop ranked second in the “top 50 fastest growing retailers in the world” while ranking among the top 100.


Company profile


Model introduction

唯品会(NYSE:VIPS)成立于 2008 年,在中国开创了“名牌折扣+限时抢购+正品保障”的创新电商模式,并持续深化为“精选品牌+深度折扣+限时抢购”的正品时尚特卖模式,在线销售服饰鞋包、美妆、母婴、居家等各类名品。

Founded in 2008, vipshop (NYSE: VIPs) has created an innovative e-commerce mode of “brand discount + limited time rush purchase + genuine product guarantee” in China, and has continued to deepen into a genuine fashion special sale mode of “select brand + deep discount + limited time rush purchase”, online sales of clothing, shoes and bags, beauty makeup, mother and baby, home and other famous products.


Vipshop took the lead in creating a unique business model of special sale in China. With its “zero inventory” logistics management and seamless docking mode with e-commerce, vipshop was able to take root in the field of e-commerce in a short time.

据 2014 年艾瑞咨询发布中国首份《中国网络限时特卖市场研究报告》显示,唯品会占据中国特卖市场 38.1%的市场份额。据电子商务研究中心于 2018 年 6 月发布的《2017 年度中国网络零售市场数据监测报告》显示,唯品会在 B2C 市场份额占有率持续保持第三位。

According to the first research report on China’s Internet time limited special sale market released by iResearch in 2014, vipshop will occupy 38.1% of the market share of China’s special sale market. According to the 2017 China online retail market data monitoring report released by the e-commerce research center in June 2018, vipshop continues to maintain the third place in the B2C market share.

2019 年 7 月,唯品会通过收购杉杉商业集团布局线下奥莱业务,线上线下融合的特卖模式,实现线上线下一体化的全渠道特卖零售布局。

In July 2019, vipshop, through the acquisition of Shanshan commercial group to lay out offline ole business and online and offline integration of special sale mode, realized the online and offline integration of Omni channel special sale retail layout.


corporate culture


1. corporate mission


Inherit quality life and improve happiness experience


2. Corporate vision


Become a world-class e-commerce platform


3. Enterprise concept


To users: users are God and our parents of food and clothing, adhere to the supremacy of user interests, constantly listen to and deeply understand user needs, constantly surprise users, constantly provide unexpected experience and services, and constantly create new user values;


For partners: respect and treat partners well, cooperate sincerely, and build a symbiotic and win-win ecological environment together;


For employees: employees are the biggest assets of the company, constantly stimulating employees’ potential, making employees and the enterprise win-win and grow together; treating employees well, caring for their physical and mental health;


To the society: be grateful, pay attention to social responsibility, exert the power of the enterprise, repay the society, help the people in need, and shape a healthy corporate image;


Values: simple, innovative, fast, collaborative.


Logistics business

截至目前,唯品会在华南、华北、西南、华中、华东、东北和西北一共设立了七大仓储物流中心,以及分布全国主要城市的 6 个跨境电商物流中心,仓储面积超过 300 万平米,覆盖 290 多条公路的干线运输,并与各大航空公司战略合作、拥有专属舱位的航空货运,已建立覆盖全国县、乡镇的 3900 多个自营配送点为一体的仓储、运输配送体系及仓库、运输团队,自购大型车辆 2000 余台,有快递员 30000 名。

Up to now, vipshop has established seven warehousing and logistics centers in South China, North China, southwest, central China, East China, northeast and Northwest China, as well as six cross-border e-commerce logistics centers in major cities across the country, with a warehousing area of more than 3 million square meters, covering 290 For trunk transportation of multiple highways, strategic cooperation with major airlines, and air freight with exclusive cabin, a storage, transportation and distribution system, warehouse and transportation team covering more than 3900 self operated distribution points in counties and towns across the country have been established, with more than 2000 self purchased large vehicles and 30000 couriers.

拥有遍布国内外 10 个前置仓,9 个自营海外仓及 4 个海外第三方代运营仓。至今,唯品会的蜂巢全自动集货缓存系统现有占地面积约 30000 平方米,2018 年 11 月,唯品会西南物流中心建成蜂巢全自动集货缓存系统并投入使用。

It has 10 front warehouses, 9 self operated overseas warehouses and 4 overseas third-party operation warehouses all over the country. Up to now, vipshop’s beehive full-automatic cargo collection and caching system now covers an area of about 30000 square meters. In November 2018, vipshop Southwest Logistics Center built a beehive full-automatic cargo collection and caching system and put it into use.

唯品会仓储物流自动化已涵盖商品库存管理、商品分拣、包裹分拣等各作业环节,并在全国物流仓储中心建设了包括输送系统、Mini-load 集货系统、商品分拣系统、包裹分拣系统、蜂巢全自动集货缓存系统、智能 AGV 搬运机器人系统、魔方密集存储系统、机器人全自动集货缓存系统等自动化项目。

The logistics automation of vipshop has covered various operation links such as commodity inventory management, commodity sorting, parcel sorting, etc., and has built transportation system, mini load cargo collection system, commodity sorting system, parcel sorting system, beehive full-automatic cargo collection and caching system, intelligent AGV in the national logistics and warehousing center Automatic projects such as robot system, cube intensive storage system, robot full-automatic collection and storage system, etc.

2019 年 11 月 25 日,唯品会宣布与顺丰达成业务合作。并宣布将终止旗下自营快递品骏的快递业务,委托顺丰提供配送服务。

On November 25, 2019, vipshop announced business cooperation with SF. It also announced that it would terminate the express business of its own express product Jun and entrust SF with the delivery service.


The way to market

从公司创建至上市,唯品会仅仅用了三年的时间,就在 2012 年 3 月 23 日成功登陆纽交所,发行价为 6.5 美元,发行 1118 万 ADS(每 ADS=2 股普通股),融资 7264 万美元。截止 2013 年 7 月 26 日,唯品会股价己攀升至 41.27 美元,市值高达 22.76 亿美元。

From the company’s establishment to its listing, vipshop successfully landed on the New York Stock Exchange on March 23, 2012, with an issue price of $6.5, 11.18 million ads (each ads = 2 ordinary shares), and a financing of $72.64 million. As of July 26, 2013, vipshop’s share price has climbed to $41.27, with a market value of $2.276 billion.

在 2013 年 3 月 14 日,唯品会宣布,公司和特定献售股东进行的后续公开发行(增发)股票将发行 800 万股美国存托股(ADS),发行价格为 24.00 美元/ADS。

On March 14, 2013, vipshop announced that the company and certain selling shareholders will issue 8 million ADSS at a price of US $24.00/ads.

2019 年 1 月,华尔街投行 KeyBanc 发布投资研究报告称,唯品会业务逐步聚焦服饰穿戴品类以及其特卖商业模式,有助于毛利率的提高,且服装行业去库存周期的到来为唯品会带来可预见性业绩增长点,将唯品会股票(NYSE:VIPS)评级从“与大盘持平”调高至“增持”,将目标股价定为 10 美元。

In January 2019, Wall Street investment bank keybanc According to the investment research report released, vipshop’s business gradually focuses on clothing and wear products and its special sale business model, which helps to improve the gross profit rate, and the arrival of the de stocking cycle of the clothing industry will bring a predictable performance growth point for vipshop, raising the rating of vipshop’s stock (NYSE: VIPs) from “flat with the market” to “overweight”, and setting the target stock price as $10.


Authentic guarantee

唯品会所销售的商品均从品牌方、代理商、品牌分支机构、国际品牌驻中国办事处等正规渠道采购,并与之签订战略正品采购协议。同时,唯品会对供应商的资质都进行严格审查,营业执照等五证、产品检验报告及品牌授权许可文件,缺一不可。对于进口的商品,还必须要供货商提供进关单据等进关文件。对于 3C、化妆品、食品等产品,均依据国家规定要求供应商提供相应商品特殊资质证书。

All the products sold by vipshop are purchased from the brand side, agents, brand branches, international brand offices in China and other formal channels, and a strategic authentic purchase agreement is signed with them. At the same time, vipshop will strictly review the qualification of suppliers, including five licenses such as business license, product inspection report and brand authorization license documents. For imported goods, the supplier must also provide import documents such as import documents. For 3C, cosmetics, food and other products, the suppliers are required to provide the corresponding special qualification certificates according to the national regulations.


The brands sold at vipshop are authentic and are insured by China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd. for each product purchased.

唯品母婴方面,首次引入国际权威的第三方质检机构瑞士 SGS 对唯品会销售的母婴产品进行独立第三方滚动抽检。产品实拍,详尽描述确保真实展示:唯品会售卖的商品,专业实体拍摄,展示详尽细节、完整商品信息,给消费者透明的真实介绍。

For the first time, SGS Switzerland, an internationally authoritative third-party quality inspection agency, was introduced to conduct independent third-party rolling spot check on the mother and baby products sold by vipshop. Product real shooting, detailed description to ensure true display: only products sold by vipshop, professional entity shooting, display detailed details, complete product information, transparent and true introduction to consumers.


Sales model


Vipshop adopts the online sales mode to directly sell the manufacturer’s products through its own network platform. At the same time, vipshop has established a long-term cooperative trust relationship with the brand side and manufacturers. There are many cooperation modes between them, such as cross quarter commodity procurement, unplanned inventory procurement, large-scale procurement, exclusive supply, etc., which can achieve price concessions Change.

2018 年 8 月 10 号,唯品会上线‘’唯品仓”APP,主要面向专业代购、中小型批发商。

On August 10, 2018, vipshop launched “vipshop” app, mainly for professional purchasing agents and small and medium-sized wholesalers.


development history

2008 年 12 月,唯品会名牌限时折扣网,正式运营。

In December 2008, vipshop brand limited time discount network was officially put into operation.

2008 年 12 月,唯品会与“中华保险”达成战略合作,为用户联合推出“正品保险”,是国内首创为商品购买保险的网购网站。

In December 2008, vipshop reached a strategic cooperation with “China Insurance” to jointly launch “genuine insurance” for users, which is the first online shopping website in China to purchase insurance for commodities.

2010 年 10 月,获得第一轮风险投资(美国 DCM 和红杉资本)2000 万美元。

In October 2010, we obtained the first round of venture capital (DCM and Sequoia Capital) of 20 million US dollars.


This is the largest amount of domestic e-commerce venture capital financing in the first round.

2010 年 10 月,仓库搬迁至佛山普洛斯物流园,仓库面积 2 万平方米,是华南区 B2C 最大的物流中心。

In October 2010, the warehouse moved to Foshan pulos logistics park, covering an area of 20000 square meters. It is the largest B2C logistics center in South China.

2010 年 11 月,新品上线增至每周四期(二、四、六、日)每周上线品牌数量 40 多个。

In November 2010, the number of new brands launched each week increased to more than 40 in four phases (two, four, six and day).

2011 年 5 月,获美国顶级风险投资机构红杉资本和 DCM 二轮融资 5000 万美元。

In May 2011, Sequoia Capital and DCM, the top US venture capital institutions, raised US $50 million in two rounds.

2011 年 6 月,广东省唯品会慈善基金会成立。

In June 2011, Guangdong vipshop charity foundation was established.

2011 年 8 月,唯品会华东物流中心,江苏昆山淀山湖物流园正式运营,仓库面积 24000 平方米。

In August 2011, vipshop East China logistics center and Jiangsu Kunshan Dianshan Lake logistics park officially opened, with a warehouse area of 24000 square meters.

2011 年 8 月,旅游频道正式上线,这是国内首家名牌折扣网推出旅游产品的限时抢购模式。

In August 2011, the tourism channel was officially launched, which is the first famous brand discount network in China to launch the limited time rush mode of tourism products.

2011 年 9 月时任中央政治局委员,国务院副总理张德江前来参观,对公司商业模式充分肯定,并赠送“奇、新、广、好”四字予以鼓励。

In September 2011, Zhang Dejiang, then member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, came to visit, fully affirmed the company’s business model, and gave four words of “strange, new, broad and good” as encouragement.

2011 年 11 月,唯品会西南物流中心,成都宝弯物流园正式运营,仓库面积 24000 平方米。

In November 2011, the Southwest Logistics Center of vipshop and Chengdu Baowan logistics park officially opened, with a warehouse area of 24000 square meters.

2011 年 12 月,唯品会华北物流中心,北京首发物流园正式运营,仓库面积 24000 平方米。

In December 2011, vipshop North China logistics center and Beijing first logistics park officially opened, with a warehouse area of 24000 square meters.

2012 年 2 月 17 日,唯品会向美国证券交易委员会(SEC)提交了 IPO(首次公开募股)申请文件,拟筹集最多 1.25 亿美元资金。

On February 17, 2012, vipshop filed an IPO application with the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to raise up to $125 million.

2012 年 3 月 23 日,成功登陆美国纽约证券交易所(NYSE)上市(股票代码:VIPS)。

On March 23, 2012, it was successfully listed on NYSE (Stock Code: VIPs).

2012 年 4 月 10 日,唯品会独立唯品团频道上线,每天 10 点准时上新,更多热销单品,更多品类,更低折扣

On April 10, 2012, vipshop’s independent vipshop group channel was launched, and new products were launched at 10 o’clock every day, with more popular items, more categories and lower discounts

2012 年 7 月 3 日,时任广东省委副书记、省长朱小丹,率省政府秘书长等省有关部门负责人来到唯品会进行调研。

On July 3, 2012, Zhu Xiaodan, then deputy secretary of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and governor of Guangdong Province, led the Secretary General of the provincial government and other relevant department heads to vipshop for investigation.

2012 年 8 月时任中央政治局常委,国务院总理温家宝;时任中央政治局委员,广东省委书记汪洋参观唯品会,鼓励要将电子商务越搞越好,越搞越兴旺。

In August 2012, Wang Yang, then member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, and Wang Yang, then member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of Guangdong provincial Party committee, visited vipshop, and encouraged us to make e-commerce better and more prosperous.

2012 年 8 月,唯品会“面向个人的消费品电子商务服务试点“项目入选国家发改委”国家电子商务示范城市电子商务试点专项“。

In August 2012, vipshop’s “individual oriented consumer goods e-commerce service pilot project” was selected into the national development and Reform Commission’s “national e-commerce demonstration city e-commerce pilot project”.

2012 年 12 月,唯品会华南物流中心搬迁至佛山国通物流园,一期仓库面积 70000 平方米。

In December 2012, vipshop South China logistics center moved to Foshan Guotong logistics park, with a warehouse area of 70000 square meters in phase I.

2013 年 1 月,唯品会主动访问用户比例升至 31%,在各大 B2C 网站中排名第一。

In January 2013, vipshop’s proportion of active visitors rose to 31%, ranking first among all major B2C websites.

2013 年 1 月,唯品会正式定位为一家专门做特卖的网站,更明

In January 2013, vipshop officially positioned itself as a website specializing in special sales, which is more clear

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