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Chinese-English Translation:


Ruliu (formerly Baidu Hi) is an instant messaging software that integrates text message, voice and video call, file transmission and other functions launched by Baidu company. You can easily find like-minded friends through it, and contact with friends at any time.


Ruliu is an instant messaging software that integrates text message, voice and video call, file transmission and other functions launched by Baidu company. You can easily find like-minded friends through it, and contact with friends at any time.


“The world is very complex, Baidu knows you better.” Ruliu mainly includes Baidu friends, interest search, interest groups, baidu space, close friends ranking, email login, skin color change and other functional modules.

2020 年 4 月 26 日,“百度 Hi”即日起进行品牌升级,正式更名为“如流”。

On April 26, 2020, “Baidu Hi” will upgrade its brand and officially change its name to “Ruliu”.


Product background

2008 年 2 月 29 日,百度推出的 IM 工具,内测时期,2008 年 3 月 25 日已经获得邀请的用户可以登录使用百 度 IM。2007 年曾传出百度将推出 IM 软件,并且其名称曾有“百度小声”、“百度说吧”等名称。百度 CEO 李彦宏也曾经在自己的博客上评论说“百度小声是个不错的名字,我喜欢,就是不知道是谁的创意。”有相关人士表示,百度曾考虑过“百度小声”、“百度说吧”、“百度 Hi”等中文名字,最终带有百度空间”Hi”印记的后者在内部获得较高支持率。

On February 29, 2008, baidu launched the im tool. During the internal test period, users who have been invited on March 25, 2008 can log in to use Baidu im. In 2007, it was announced that Baidu would launch IM software, and its name used to be “Baidu whisper”, “Baidu talk bar” and other names. Baidu CEO Robin Li also commented on his blog that “Baidu whisper is a good name, I love it, but I don’t know whose creativity.” Some people said that Baidu had considered Chinese names such as “Baidu whispers”, “Baidu say it” and “Baidu Hi”, and the latter with the mark of Baidu Space “Hi” eventually gained a high internal support rate.

百度 Hi 将是打通和整合百度社区产品的通行证。用户能从百度空间页面上添加好友到百度 Hi;在贴吧、空间、知道等页面上向百度好友发起的即时通话;贴吧的吧主可建立属于该贴吧的百度 IM 群;用户可在群里向贴吧“图片库”上传图片;与百度音乐掌门人结合,可在好友列表里实时显示出好友发布的专辑;建立基于 IM 的社区聊天室。

Baidu Hi will be the pass to get through and integrate Baidu community products. Users can add friends to Baidu Hi from Baidu space page; instant call to Baidu friends from post bar, space, know and other pages; the owner of post bar can establish Baidu im belonging to the Post Bar Group; users can upload pictures to the “picture library” of the post bar in the group; combine with the leader of Baidu music, the album released by friends can be displayed in the friends list in real time; establish a community chat room based on IM.

百度对 IM 产品的定位也正是为满足其社区用户需求。百度官方网站上已经登载招聘即时通信相关人才的信息,包括即时通信客户端软件研发工程师、即时通信软件产品经理,随后所招聘的职位又悄悄增加。 据称,百度推出 IM 主要是希望把百度贴吧、百度空间、百度知道和百度百科等产品通过即时通信整合起来。 此外,百度在未来即将推出的 C2C 业务,也需要 IM 软件供买家和卖家沟通和交易使用。

Baidu’s positioning of IM products is to meet the needs of its community users. Baidu’s official website has published information on the recruitment of instant messaging related talents, including instant messaging client software R & D Engineer, instant messaging software product manager, and then the number of positions recruited has increased quietly. Allegedly, baidu launched im mainly to integrate Baidu Post Bar, baidu space, Baidu know, Baidu Encyclopedia and other products through instant communication. In addition, the C2C business Baidu will launch in the future also needs IM software for buyers and sellers to communicate and trade.

百度管理层已经明确将百度 IM 定义为公司的“战略级”产品。从产品设计,研发,测试等各个环节,全部由百度自主独立完成”。这不仅打破了以前百度可能通过收购兼并方式进入 IM 领域的传言,也证明百度至少在 1 年前就实质涉入了 IM 产品的研发工作。百度对此项目的保密工作开展程度可见一般。

Baidu management has clearly defined Baidu IM as the company’s “strategic” product. From product design, research and development, testing and other aspects, all independently completed by Baidu. “. This not only breaks the rumor that Baidu may enter the im field through acquisition and merger, but also proves that Baidu was involved in the research and development of IM products at least one year ago. Baidu’s confidentiality work on this project can be seen in general.


Product history

2009 年 3 月,百度 HI 的同时最高在线人数突破 130 万。

In March 2009, the highest number of online users of Baidu Hi exceeded 1.3 million.

2020 年 2 月 11 日,百度宣布,百度 Hi 企业智能远程办公平台对外开放,并将免费为湖北等疫区企业提供高清音视频会议、企业云盘、企业 IM 和应用中心平台等多项服务,满足疫情期间不断增长的远程办公需求,支持企业快速恢复生产能力,减少疫情对于企业和社会经济的影响。

On February 11, 2020, baidu announced that Baidu Hi enterprise intelligent remote office platform will be open to the public, and will provide high-definition audio and video conference, enterprise cloud disk and enterprise IM for enterprises in epidemic areas such as Hubei Province free of charge And application center platform and other services to meet the growing demand for telecommuting during the epidemic, support enterprises to quickly restore production capacity and reduce the impact of the epidemic on enterprises and social economy.

2020 年 4 月 26 日,“百度 Hi”即日起进行品牌升级,正式更名为“如流”。

On April 26, 2020, “Baidu Hi” will upgrade its brand and officially change its name to “Ruliu”.


Functional features

1、百度 Hi 的主界面及对话框设计的相当简洁,颜色搭配也很清新,没有多余按钮、没有弹出广告等 ,而且有多套精美皮肤可选。据了解,百度方面也会提供专门的皮肤下载页。

1. Baidu Hi’s main interface and dialog design are quite simple, the color matching is also very fresh, there are no redundant buttons, no pop-up ads, etc., and there are many sets of beautiful skin to choose from. It is understood that Baidu will also provide a special skin download page.

2、百度 Hi 使用的是 passport 式 ID,而非 QQ 那种号码式,直接用百度 ID 就可以登录。也可以选择关联邮箱,用百度帐户登录后,能立即与空间好友联系,看到其最新更新。

2. Baidu Hi uses Passport ID instead of QQ number. You can log in with Baidu ID directly. You can also choose to associate the email. After you log in with your baidu account, you can immediately contact your space friends to see the latest updates.

3、百度 Hi 最多支持 1000 个好友,这个数字非常大,应该没人再喊“好友加满了”吧。

3. Baidu Hi supports up to 1000 friends, which is a very large number. No one should shout “friends are full”.

4、亲身体验了一下百度 Hi 的视频和语音聊天功能,体验效果相当满意:画面非常流畅,而且音质感觉也不错。

4. I personally experienced the video and voice chat functions of Baidu Hi, and the experience effect is quite satisfactory: the picture is very smooth, and the sound quality is also good.


5. It can set up groups, chat with many people, transfer large files, and support “close friend ranking”.


6. You can contact with friends of the post bar, know and space.

7、百度 Hi 面板结合了百度搜索,支持网页搜索、图片搜索、MP3 搜索等,不用浏览器即可在面板上的搜索框使用百度搜索功能,非常方便。

7. Baidu Hi panel combines Baidu search, supports web search, image search, MP3 search, etc. without browser, Baidu search function can be used in the search box on the panel, which is very convenient.

8、百度 Hi 还具备了强大的“找朋友”功能,与百度庞大的社区用户相联接,网民不仅可以看到兴趣相 投的朋友,如果对方开通空间,还能更直观地了解和熟悉对方。

8. Baidu Hi also has a powerful “find friends” function, which is connected with Baidu’s huge community users. Internet users can not only see friends with similar interests, but also understand and get familiar with each other more intuitively if each other opens space.

9、百度 Hi 服务于用户的活跃度服务正式推出啦!只要您每天登录,就能累计百度 Hi 活跃度累计达到一定级别后,就能体验百度 Hi 即将推出的神秘新鲜功能,更有各种丰富活动等您参加~~

9. Baidu Hi’s active service for users is officially launched! As long as you log in every day, you can accumulate Baidu Hi’s activity to a certain level, and then you can experience the mysterious and fresh functions that Baidu Hi is about to launch, and you can participate in various activities~~

10、百度 Hi 积分,是百度 Hi 推出的线上虚拟财富,未来参加丰富的线上活动,都需要消费积分。参加活动获取特权服务和靓丽的虚拟物品,

10. Baidu Hi points is the online virtual wealth launched by Baidu Hi. In the future, to participate in rich online activities, you need consumption points. Take part in activities to get privileged services and beautiful virtual goods,

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