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Chinese-English Translation:

微信公众号是开发者或商家在微信公众平台上申请的应用账号,该帐号与QQ账号互通,通过公众号,商家可在微信平台上实现和特定群体的文字、图片、语音、视频的全方位沟通、互动 。形成了一种主流的线上线下微信互动营销方式。

The official account of WeChat is an application account applied by developers or businesses on WeChat public platform. The account is interconnected with QQ account. Through official account, merchants can realize the all-round communication and interaction with specific groups of texts, pictures, voice and videos on the WeChat platform. A mainstream online and offline wechat interactive marketing mode has been formed.

微信公众号是开发者或商家在微信公众平台上申请的应用账号,该帐号与 QQ 账号互通,通过公众号,商家可在微信平台上实现和特定群体的文字、图片、语音、视频的全方位沟通、互动 。形成了一种主流的线上线下微信互动营销方式。

The official account of WeChat is an application account applied by developers or businesses on WeChat public platform. The account is interconnected with QQ account. Through official account, merchants can realize the all-round communication and interaction with specific groups of texts, pictures, voice and videos on the WeChat platform. A mainstream online and offline wechat interactive marketing mode has been formed.

2016 年 1 月 18 日,腾讯在北京发布消息称,中国政务微信公号已逾 10 万。2018 年 4 月,腾讯已查处 9.9 万多个违规公众号。11 月 16 日,微信公众平台发布公告称,个人注册公众号数量上限调整为 1 个。

On January 18, 2016, Tencent announced in Beijing that China’s government wechat account has exceeded 100000. In April 2018, Tencent has investigated more than 9.9 official account numbers. In November 16th, the WeChat public platform announced that the number of individuals registered with the official account was adjusted to 1.

2019 年 12 月 26 日,微信公众号文章无法打开,点击文章链接后显示空白。随后,微信团队道歉,公众号后台大部分功能已经修复。

In December 26, 2019, WeChat official account could not be opened, and the blank link was clicked. Subsequently, the WeChat team apologized, and most of the functions of the official account have been repaired.


development history

2018 年 6 月 27 日,微信官方宣布,微信公众平台上线开放转载功能,文章可以直接被转载,不需要人工再次确认。

On June 27, 2018, wechat officially announced that wechat public platform is online and open to reprint function. Articles can be reprinted directly without manual re confirmation.

2018 年 11 月 16 日,微信公众平台发布公告称,即日起,公众号注册将做调整:个人主体注册公众号数量上限由 2 个调整为 1 个;企业类主体注册公众号数量上限由 5 个调整为 2 个。

Official account of WeChat official announced in November 16, 2018 that the registration of public numbers will be adjusted from now on: the number of registered official account of individual subject will be adjusted from 2 to 1, and the number of registered official account of enterprise class will be adjusted from 5 to 2.

2018 年 12 月 29 日,微信公众平台运营功能再次升级,修改已发送文章的错别字上限由 5 个上调至 10 个,同时支持增、删和替换,但标题和摘要依然无法修改,修改机会依然有且仅有一次。

On December 29, 2018, the operation function of wechat public platform was upgraded again, and the upper limit for modifying the wrong words of the sent articles was increased from 5 to 10. At the same time, it supports adding, deleting and replacing, but the title and summary still cannot be modified, and the modification opportunities are still available and only once.

2019 年 8 月,滴滴出行宣布,与万达酒店及度假村达成战略合作。用户可在万达酒店微信公众号内使用滴滴叫车。

In August 2019, Didi travel announced a strategic cooperation with Wanda hotels and resorts. Users can use dripping cars in WeChat official account of Wanda hotel.


Service agreement


Scope of agreement

1.1 本协议是你与腾讯之间关于你使用微信公众平台服务所订立的协议。“腾讯”是指腾讯公司及其相关服务可能存在的运营关联单位。“用户”是指注册、登录、使用微信公众帐号的个人或组织,在本协议中更多地称为“你”。“其他用户”是指包括订阅用户、其他微信公众帐号用户和微信用户等除用户本人外与微信公众平台服务相关的用户。

1.1 this agreement is an agreement between you and Tencent on your use of wechat public platform services. “Tencent” refers to Tencent company and its related service possible operation related units. “User” refers to the person or organization who registers, logs in and uses wechat public account, which is more referred to as “you” in this agreement. “Other users” refers to subscribers, other wechat public account users, wechat users and other users related to wechat public platform services except users themselves.

1.2 本服务是腾讯微信针对个人或企业用户推出的合作推广业务,用户注册微信公众帐号后可以通过微信公众平台进行品牌推广。微信用户关注微信公众帐号后将成为该帐号订阅用户,微信公众帐号可以通过微信公众平台发送消息与订阅用户进行互动。

1.2 this service is a cooperative promotion business launched by Tencent wechat for individual or enterprise users. After users register wechat public account, they can promote the brand through wechat public platform. Wechat users will become subscribers after paying attention to wechat public account. Wechat public account can send messages through wechat public platform to interact with subscribers.

1.3 本协议内容同时包括《腾讯服务协议》、《QQ 号码规则》以及《腾讯微信使用条款和隐私政策》,且你在使用微信公众平台某一特定服务时,该服务可能会另有专项的服务声明,相关业务规则及公告指引等(以下统称为“专项规则”)。上述内容一经正式发布,即为本协议不可分割的组成部分,你同样应当遵守。你对前述任何专项规则的接受,即视为你对本协议全部的接受。

1.3 the content of this agreement includes Tencent service agreement, QQ number rules and Tencent wechat terms of use and privacy policy. When you use a specific service of wechat public platform, the service may have a special service statement, relevant business rules and announcement guidelines (hereinafter referred to as “special rules”). Once the above content is officially released, it is an integral part of this agreement, and you shall also abide by it. Your acceptance of any of the above special rules shall be deemed as your acceptance of the whole agreement.


Information protection

3.1 用户在申请本服务过程中,需要填写必要的信息,请保持这些信息的真实、准确、合法、有效并注意及时更新,以便腾讯向你提供及时有效的帮助,或更好地为你提供服务。根据相关法律法规和政策,请你填写真实的身份信息。若你填写的信息不完整或不准确,则可能无法使用本服务或在使用过程中受到限制。

3.1 in the process of applying for this service, users need to fill in necessary information. Please keep these information true, accurate, legal and effective, and pay attention to timely update, so that Tencent can provide you with timely and effective help, or better provide you with services. According to relevant laws, regulations and policies, please fill in the real identity information. If the information you fill in is incomplete or inaccurate, you may not be able to use the service or may be restricted in the use process.

3.2 腾讯与用户一同致力于个人信息的保护,保护用户个人信息是腾讯的一项基本原则。未经你的同意,腾讯不会向腾讯以外的任何公司、组织或个人披露你的个人信息,但法律法规另有规定的除外。

3.2 Tencent and users are committed to the protection of personal information, which is a basic principle of Tencent. Without your consent, Tencent will not disclose your personal information to any company, organization or individual other than Tencent, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations.

3.3 用户应对通过本服务了解、接收或可接触到的包括但不限于其他用户在内的任何人的个人信息予以充分尊重,你不应以搜集、复制、存储、传播或以其他任何方式使用其他用户的个人信息,否则,由此产生的后果由你自行承担。

3.3 the user shall fully respect the personal information of any person, including but not limited to other users, which is known, received or accessible through the service. You shall not collect, copy, store, disseminate or use the personal information of other users in any other way. Otherwise, you shall bear the consequences.


Data storage

7.1 腾讯不对你在本服务中相关数据的删除或储存失败负责。

7.1 Tencent shall not be responsible for the deletion or storage failure of relevant data in this service.

7.2 腾讯有权根据实际情况自行决定单个用户在本服务中数据的最长储存期限,并在服务器上为其分配数据最大存储空间等。你可根据自己的需要自行备份本服务中的相关数据。

7.2 Tencent has the right to determine the maximum storage period of data in this service for a single user according to the actual situation, and allocate the maximum storage space for data on the server. You can back up the relevant data in this service according to your own needs.

7.3 如果你停止使用本服务或服务被终止或取消,腾讯可以从服务器上永久地删除你的数据。服务停止、终止或取消后,腾讯没有义务向你返还任何数据。

7.3 if you stop using the service or the service is terminated or cancelled, Tencent can permanently delete your data from the server. Tencent has no obligation to return any data to you after the service is stopped, terminated or cancelled.


Operation method

1、不要一个人坐在家里学习微信营销,要经常去一些微信营销的 QQ 群,看一看大家都在聊什么,在这些群里你能学到很多东西。

1. Don’t sit at home alone to learn wechat marketing. Go to some QQ groups of wechat marketing frequently to see what everyone is talking about. You can learn a lot in these groups.


2. The authentication for wechat is very important to enhance the trust of enterprises, so we try our best to pass wechat authentication as early as possible. The more difficult it is to deal with it later, the first is chaos, and then governance.


3. Push, do not have to push every article, promote some small knowledge and skills, as well as jokes. Travel and self driving are also good methods. As long as they can help potential customers and readers, they can push the same content as Weibo every time. Because the amount of information is small, it will not affect the life of subscribers, and they can learn new knowledge. Such a public account is very popular.


4. It’s a mistake to see many people often use wechat to sell products to their friends. This may cause you to lose this friend. If you want to use wechat to do business, please re apply for an account to sell products. Do not sell products to your friends. This will make them feel that you are too impersonal, too utilitarian and run with benefits. Many friends will leave you.


5. It’s very important to choose the right pictures for the content of wechat. We often go to relevant microblogs and websites to get some pictures in the industry. We should pay attention to the details when we do wechat marketing. And the picture and text must match. Segment the section, because the section is for different levels of customers to choose and share, but also let readers have the choice.


6. Push content in the evening or afternoon is the best, because we should consider that readers have enough time to read in these time periods. Push content in the daytime is suitable for product promotion. At that time, customers can order products and bring real sales of products.

7、企业先学好服务 500、1000 个微信客户,用户多少不代表营销能力,仅仅是一个数量,用户的互动价值和关注价值才是微信营销的核心,多创造和读者沟通的话题,读者关心的话题让整个公众账号活跃起来。

7. Enterprises learn to serve 500 and 1000 wechat customers well first. The number of users does not represent the marketing ability, but only a number. The interactive value and the value of concern of users are the core of wechat marketing. Create more topics for communication with readers, and the topics of concern of readers make the whole public account active.


8. If the water does not flow, it will become dead water. If the public account is not active, it is a dead number. Therefore, daily content editing is the core value of being active. If you fish for three days and bask in the net for two days, there will be no value.


9. Wechat marketing should take the consumption view, geographical culture, regional culture and other aspects of the local market as a reference, otherwise all your content and hard work will be wasted. The enterprises operating wechat marketing should bring independent opinions to the industry, promote the industry development as the leading and serve customers as the guiding.


10. Attach importance to interaction. Because unlike Weibo, it can attract a large number of people to forward and comment, only through communication with customers to gain customer trust.


Marketing case

自 2012 年 8 月 18 日开通微信公众平台以来,各大品牌积极抢注,但微信貌似还没有为公众账号营销做好充足的准备,账号只能通过各种宣传二维码方式来被动等待关注,相对微博来说想要增长粉丝量就困难得多。存在以下几种推广和互动方式来绑定微信粉丝。

Since the opening of wechat public platform on August 18, 2012, major brands have been actively rushing to register, but wechat does not seem to have made sufficient preparations for public account marketing. The account can only wait passively for attention through various ways of publicity QR code, which is much more difficult to increase the number of fans compared with microblog. There are several promotion and interaction ways to bind wechat fans.


Offline wechat sign in ceremony


For public accounts, we can’t log in to wechat on mobile phones, and can’t enjoy the benefits of finding people nearby and shaking. We can only push wechat QR code to attract fans in external publicity. We can often see that there are wechat QR codes on outdoor advertisements, elevator advertisements, promotional color pages and elabo, waiting to be noticed quietly. Although the public wechat can’t play the form of early micro blog forwarding with awards to attract fans, it can increase fans by signing in for offline activities.


Applicable to: exhibition, conference, cinema, cafe gathering place.


Related events

2014 年 6 月 6 日,微信平台公布微信整顿公众号集赞行为处理机制,微信公众号累计发现一次集赞行为,封号 7 天;累计发现两次集赞行为,封号 15 天;累计发现 3 次集赞行为,封号 30 天;累计发现 4 次集赞行为,永久封号且不解封。2014 年 6 月 9 日起,微信采用技术+人工举报方式对集赞行为进行全平台清理和规范。

In June 6, 2014, WeChat platform announced WeChat’s rectification of public number collection behavior handling mechanism. WeChat public number found a collection of praise behavior, the official account was 7 days; two times of collecting praise behavior was found, official account was 15 days; 3 times of collecting behavior was collected, 30 days were marked; 4 times of collective praise behavior was found, permanent title and no release. From June 9, 2014, wechat adopted the technology + manual reporting method to clean up and standardize the whole platform of Jizan behavior.

2019 年 12 月 26 日,微信公众号文章无法打开,点击文章链接后显示空白。随后,微信团队道歉,公众号后台大部分功能已经修复。

In December 26, 2019, WeChat official account could not be opened, and the blank link was clicked. Subsequently, the WeChat team apologized, and most of the functions of the official account have been repaired.


Record registration

2014 年 8 月 5 日晚间,广东省肇庆市政府发布通知称,为加强该市微信公众号管理工作,将开展普查和登记备案。通知规定备案对象为该市范围内注册使用微信公众号的单位和个人包括但不限于党政部门、事业单位、群众团体、传统媒体和网媒、通信运营商、工商企业等,备案内容包括微信公众号的基本情况、使用者资料、联系方式等。

On the night of August 5, 2014, the Zhaoqing municipal government of Guangdong Province issued a notice that the census and registration of WeChat public number would be carried out to strengthen the management of the city’s official account. The notice stipulates that the registered objects are the units and individuals who register the official account of WeChat public in the city, including, but not limited to, party and government departments, public institutions, mass organizations, traditional media and media, communication operators, business enterprises, etc. the contents of the record include the basic information, user data and contact ways of the WeChat official account.


Registration quantity adjustment


According to Article 7 of the regulations on the administration of Internet user’s public account information service: “Internet user’s public account information service provider shall set a reasonable upper limit on the number of public accounts registered by the same subject on the same platform”, in order to implement relevant policies and regulations, create a healthy and orderly content ecology, under the guidance of the competent department of Internet information content, in order to effectively implement The main responsibility of the platform is to further strengthen account management. From now on, the official account registration will be adjusted below:

1、个人主体注册公众号数量上限由 5 个调整为 2 个;

1, the number of individuals registered official account number is adjusted from 5 to 2.

2、组织类主体注册公众号数量上限由 50 个调整为 5 个。

2, the number of registered official account numbers of the organizations is adjusted from 50 to 5.


According to the actual situation, organizations and individuals who really need to register more accounts can initiate the application process at the time of registration. After the preliminary examination of wechat public platform and the approval of the competent department of Internet information content, the number of account registration will be appropriately relaxed.

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