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Chinese-English Translation:


By default, bidding is for platforms, stores and sites; it can open corresponding advertising spaces or do corresponding bidding word operations online according to the needs of individuals and businesses.


At present, bidding is for peripheral search engines, generally refers to: Baidu, 360, Sogou and so on. At the beginning, it is aimed at ranking major sites. Along with the demand of the network crowd and the demand of the region, the major online shopping platforms and corresponding fields also began to join the bidding area.


1. There are different rebates for opening different accounts. Why do different agents give different rebates instead of unified ones?

01. 时间返点不同,比如四川代理业绩要求,每一季度(1 月-3 月),平台要求推广充值费用要到 100 万,而到 3 月的时候,才完成 50 万业绩,剩下的 50 万业绩,代理就会放高返点。

01. Different time rebate, such as Sichuan agent performance requirements. Every quarter (January March), the platform requires that the promotion and top up expenses reach 1 million yuan, and only 500000 yuan of performance is completed in March, and the remaining 500000 yuan of performance, the agent will increase the rebate.

02. 地区返点不同,比如四川,贵州两个省份,两个代理,贵州要求第一季度 100 万业绩,四川则要求 300 万业绩,而四川完成不了,他就会放高点,让一些客户来他这充值,好完成 300 万业绩。

02. The regional rebate is different. For example, in Sichuan and Guizhou, two provinces and two agents, Guizhou requires a performance of 1 million yuan in the first quarter, while Sichuan requires a performance of 3 million yuan. If Sichuan can’t complete it, he will put the high point and let some customers come to him to top up, so as to complete the performance of 3 million yuan.


2. Why do different categories have rebate, high platform settings, and negative rebate?

不同类目返点不同,比如博彩,是国家禁止的,能跑的那些 也会把资质跑挂掉,被百度发现要有罚款的,10 倍罚款,比如查到的户,从一开始户下来,到被发现,消费了 100 块,那代理就要被罚 100*10,要罚 1000 块,所以这类的户就少,是代理在提责任,就要负点,这样,他们才有利润,才会去做。类比行业:保健品、微商、bc、qp。

Different categories of rebate are different, such as gambling, which is prohibited by the state. Those who can run will also lose their qualifications. Those who are found by Baidu will be fined 10 times. For example, those who are found will be fined 100 * 10 and 1000 yuan from the time when they come down to the time when they are found and spend 100 yuan Block, so this kind of household is less, it is the agent in the responsibility, it must be responsible, so that they can have profits, will do. Analogy industry: health products, wechat business, BC, QP.


3. What qualifications do you need to open an account with a major advertising media channel? How about the general process? What are some precautions?

01. 所需资质:

01. Required qualifications:

正常行业,除加盟、医美、医疗、金融、二类电商等,资质需要的是营业执照、域名 ICP 备案、正常访问网站、对公帐户等,以上是搜索所需要的准备的资料,信息流则只需要营业执照即可,因为很多信息流平台是自建站的,所以也用不到域名。

In normal industries, in addition to franchising, medical beauty, medical treatment, finance, class II e-commerce, etc., qualification requires business license, domain name ICP filing, normal website visit, corporate account, etc. the above is the information required for search preparation, while information flow only needs business license, because many information flow platforms are self built, so domain name is not used.

02. 流程:

02. Process:


Most of the information flow material agents will help, almost the same as Baidu search material, the page is visited normally, the material does not violate the product, it is OK after the audit.

03. 注意事项:

03. Precautions:

要注意,尽量不要出去别人家品牌信息,涉 A 不要有,不要违法广告法。(品牌信息,招商加盟除外)

We should pay attention to not going out to other people’s houses as much as possible. We should not have brand information related to A. We should not violate the advertising law. (brand information, except for investment promotion)


4. What is the deposit for opening an account? What’s the impact?


Now there are two platforms that need margin, Baidu, today’s headlines.

01. 百度:签订框架需要准备保证金,为框架消耗要求的 10%,如完成不了消耗,保证金百度不予推还,如完成消耗,则不扣取,可为下一年框架的保证金,或申请退款。

01. Baidu: to sign the framework, you need to prepare a deposit, which is 10% of the framework consumption requirements. If you can’t complete the consumption, Baidu will not refund the deposit. If you complete the consumption, you will not deduct it. You can apply for a refund for the next year’s framework deposit.

02. 今日头条:今日头条保证金只有鲁班商城才需要,是为了保证产品不虚假,如有虚假信息,平台可直接扣款,用来补偿投诉客户。如不需要商城,可申请退款。

02. Today’s headline: today’s headline margin is only needed by Luban mall to ensure that the products are not false. If there is any false information, the platform can directly deduct money to compensate customers for complaints. If you don’t need a mall, you can apply for a refund.


5. Which is the advantage of direct account opening or big account opening? After unifying the accounts of several direct customers, can they have better weight?

百度 7 月份新规定,不会随意放大客户名单,会提前进行考核,才来决定 是否加白。转为 KA。

Baidu’s new rules in July will not enlarge the list of customers at will, and it will assess in advance to decide whether to add white. Change to KA.


The main reason why the direct customer accounts are not unified is because of different industries, different consumption, different bottom qualifications, different products and poor promotion effect.

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