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Chinese-English Translation:


The types of display include CRT display, LCD display, LED display, 3D display, plasma display, etc. A good monitor is not only helpful for improving work efficiency, but also can effectively protect the eyes.

显示器的种类有 CRT 显示器、LCD 显示器、LED 显示器、3D 显示器、等离子显示器等。一款好的显示器不仅对于工作效率提升有帮助,而且也能够有效的保护眼睛。

The types of display include CRT display, LCD display, LED display, 3D display, plasma display, etc. A good monitor is not only helpful for improving work efficiency, but also can effectively protect the eyes.


Common types of monitors

1、CRT 显示器

1. CRT display

CRT 显示器是一种使用阴极射线管(Cathode Ray Tube)的显示器,阴极射线管主要有五部分组成:电子枪(Electron Gun),偏转线圈(Deflection coils),荫罩(Shadow mask),荧光粉层(Phosphor)及玻璃外壳。它是应用最广泛的显示器之一,CRT 纯平显示器具有可视角度大、无坏点、色彩还原度高、色度均匀、可调节的多分辨率模式、响应时间极短等 LCD 显示器难以超过的优点。按照不同的标准,CRT 显示器可划分为不同的类型。

CRT display is a kind of display using cathode ray tube, which mainly consists of five parts: electron gun, deflection coils, shadow mask, phosphor layer and glass shell. It is one of the most widely used displays. CRT flat panel display has many advantages, such as large viewing angle, no bad points, high color restoration, uniform chroma, adjustable multi-resolution mode, very short response time and so on. According to different standards, CRT displays can be divided into different types.

2、LCD 显示器

2. LCD display

LCD 显示器即液晶显示器,优点是机身薄,占地小,辐射小,给人以一种健康产品的形象。但液晶显示屏不一定可以保护到眼睛,这需要看各人使用计算机的习惯 。

LCD display is liquid crystal display, the advantages are thin fuselage, small footprint, small radiation, give people a healthy product image. But the LCD screen may not be able to protect the eyes, which depends on the habit of using the computer.

LCD 液晶显示器的工作原理,在显示器内部有很多液晶粒子,它们有规律的排列成一定的形状,并且它们的每一面的颜色都不同分为:红色,绿色,蓝色。这三原色能还原成任意的其他颜色,当显示器收到电脑的显示数据的时候会控制每个液晶粒子转动到不同颜色的面,来组合成不同的颜色和图像。也因为这样液晶显示屏的缺点是色彩不够艳,可视角度不高等。

The working principle of LCD is that there are many liquid crystal particles inside the display, which are regularly arranged into a certain shape, and the colors of each side are different, which are divided into red, green and blue. These three primary colors can be restored to any other colors. When the display receives the display data from the computer, it will control each liquid crystal particle to rotate to a different color surface to combine different colors and images. Because of this, the disadvantage of LCD is that the color is not bright enough and the visual angle is not high.

3、LED 显示器

3. LED display

LED 显示屏(LED panel):LED 就是 light emitting diode,发光二极管的英文缩写,简称 LED。它是一种通过控制半导体发光二极管的显示方式,用来显示文字、图形、图像、动画、行情、视频、录像信号等各种信息的显示屏幕。

LED panel: LED is light emitting diode, short for LED. It is a display screen used to display text, graphics, images, animation, market, video, video signals and other information by controlling the display mode of LED.

4、3D 显示器

4. 3D display

3D 显示器一直被公认为显示技术发展的终极梦想,多年来有许多企业和研究机构从事这方面的研究。日本、欧美、韩国等发达国家和地区早于 20 世纪 80 年代就纷纷涉足立体显示技术的研发,于 90 年代开始陆续获得不同程度的研究成果,现已开发出需佩戴立体眼镜和不需佩戴立体眼镜的两大立体显示技术体系。传统的 3D 电影在荧幕上有两组图像(来源于在拍摄时的互成角度的两台摄影机),观众必须戴上偏光镜才能消除重影(让一只眼只受一组图像),形成视差(parallax),产生立体感。

3D display has always been recognized as the ultimate dream of the development of display technology. Many enterprises and research institutions have been engaged in this field for many years. Japan, Europe, the United States, South Korea and other developed countries and regions have been involved in the research and development of stereoscopic display technology as early as the 1980s. In the 1990s, they began to obtain different degrees of research results. Now they have developed two stereoscopic display technology systems that need to wear stereoscopic glasses and do not need to wear stereoscopic glasses. In traditional 3D movies, there are two groups of images on the screen (from the two cameras that are at an angle to each other when shooting). The audience must wear a polarizer to eliminate the ghosting (so that one eye can only receive one group of images), form parallax, and produce a three-dimensional sense.


5. Plasma display

PDP(Plasma Display Panel,等离子显示器)是采用了近几年来高速发展的等离子平面屏幕技术的新一代显示设备。

PDP (plasma display panel) is a new generation of display equipment which adopts the plasma flat screen technology developed rapidly in recent years.

成像原理:等离子显示技术的成像原理是在显示屏上排列上千个密封的小低压气体室,通过电流激发使其发出肉眼看不见的紫外光,然后紫外光碰击后面玻璃上的红、绿、蓝 3 色荧光体发出肉眼能看到的可见光,以此成像。

Imaging principle: the imaging principle of plasma display technology is that thousands of sealed small low-pressure gas chambers are arranged on the display screen, which emit invisible ultraviolet light through current excitation, and then the ultraviolet light collides with the red, green and blue phosphors on the rear glass to emit visible light visible to the naked eye, so as to image.


The advantages of plasma display: thin thickness, high resolution, less space occupation, and can be used as a wall mounted TV at home, representing the development trend of computer display in the future.


Display selection skills


1. Screen size

屏幕尺寸通常以吋表示,就是屏幕面板对角线的长度,并将厘米换算成英寸。目前 24~27 吋宽屏幕显示器是主流,这样的屏幕尺寸可以让你拥有更宽阔的办公面积,满足分屏办公的需求。

Screen size is usually expressed in inches, which is the diagonal length of the screen panel, and converts centimeters into inches. At present, 24 ~ 27 inch wide screen display is the mainstream, such a screen size allows you to have a wider office space to meet the needs of split screen office.


2. Resolution

主流显示器的分辨率普遍在 1920*1080,基本能够满足人们的需求。如果是比较专业的需求可以选用 2k 及以上分辨率。

The resolution of mainstream displays is generally 1920 * 1080, which can basically meet people’s needs. If it is more professional needs, you can choose 2k and above resolution.


3. Panel type

IPS、TN 和 VA 屏是目前液晶显示器的主流面板,面板类型关系着液晶显示器的响应时间、色彩、可视角度、对比度这些重要因素。如果不是专业的游戏玩家,直接选择 IPS 屏幕即可。

IPS, TN and VA screens are the mainstream panels of LCD at present. The panel type is related to the response time, color, viewing angle and contrast of LCD. If you are not a professional gamer, you can directly select the IPS screen.


4. Interface type

在办公场景下,经常需要接入鼠标、键盘、U 盘等众多外设,因此在选择显示器时,应尽可能选择接口丰富的显示器,解决接口不够用的问题。为支持高清流畅传输,显示器最好能配备 HDMI1.4 或 DP1.2 的接口。而如果你是 mac 用户,最好选择带有 Type C 接口的显示器。

In the office scene, it is often necessary to access the mouse, keyboard, U disk and many other peripherals. Therefore, when selecting the display, we should choose the display with rich interfaces as far as possible to solve the problem of insufficient interfaces. In order to support HD smooth transmission, the display should be equipped with hdmi1.4 or dp1.2 interface. If you are a Mac user, you’d better choose a display with type C interface.


5. Comfort


Staring at the screen all day, blue light, flash screen and so on are bringing burden to the eyes. Therefore, choose a low Blu ray, less stroboscopic, automatic dimming screen is the best choice.

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